When you partner with the IU Alumni Association, you’re getting access to more than 725,000 IU alums, including more than 67,000 IUAA members. The IU network is made of graduates from a university with a 200-year history of world-class education and groundbreaking research.

IU consistently receives top rankings for its programs in business, medicine, education, and environmental affairs, and has an impeccable reputation for its liberal- and performing-arts programs. Our alumni and members are leaders and influencers in both their professional and personal communities.

IUAA offers a variety of e-news and mag advertising options to reach the audience our audience quickly.

Contact our advertising representatives—and proud IU alums—John and Sharon Martin, for more information about connecting with the IU alumni audience.

Sharon Martin

Phone: 317-250-8484

John Martin

Phone: 317-513-5635

Align your brand with our powerful global network of alumni. The Indiana University Alumni Association partners with companies to provide alumni with cost-effective group rates and discounts on a variety of products and services. These partnerships also help the IUAA better serve alumni, students, and Indiana University.