DeVault Alumni Center Terms and Conditions of Use


A Pre-Billing Agreement will be sent to the User after the Reservation Agreement is received by the Event Coordinator. This document shows the tentative costs of hosting the event at this facility.

Non‐IU‐affiliated Users will receive an “Invoice for the Balance Due” which the User shall pay. IU Users may request an invoice or provide a university account to which the event will be billed.

Additional Charges

User(s) may incur additional charges relating to housekeeping, trash removal, and damage to property or collections, including payments for any IU and IUAA deductible insurance limits, in the event of excessive or extraordinary usage or damage. Below is a list of additional fees that may be added to your final bill.

  • Facilitator Fee: $15 per hour, per person
  • Rearrangement Fee: $100 per room (1st floor only)
  • Maintenance Fee: $20 per hour
  • Parking Attendant Fee: $15 per hour, per person
  • Sales Tax: 7% on rental space and rental items

Final payments

Can be made through a check made payable to the IUAA or an IU account transfer (no SOA accounts accepted).

It is the responsibility of the user to verify that caterers, bartenders, musicians, and decorators are informed of and conform to all the terms and conditions expressed above.