Homecoming FAQs

Celebrate Homecoming with Ease

We might be biased, but Homecoming weekend is one of the best times of the year in Bloomington. With a full schedule of events, questions are sure to arise. Below are common questions about weekend, plus tips and tricks to make the most of the weekend.

Line the sidewalks of Woodlawn Ave. for the best views. The parade begins at the corner of 17th and Woodlawn, and it’s is a straight shot up Woodlawn Ave. to the Indiana Memorial Union. Kick-off the weekend the Hoosier way with fireworks, food trucks, and family fun!

Parking on campus and in Bloomington can be a breeze when you know what to expect; however, things might get a little tricky Homecoming weekend.

Starting at 5 p.m. on Fridays, any vehicle may park in a “CH” or “ST” zone with or without an IU parking permit. Try the Von Lee parking lot at the corner of 4th and Dunn St., or the lot on the corner of 6th and Dunn St. to take advantage of the free parking.

Be sure to steer clear of spots that say “24-hour tow away” and do not park in Lot #414 across from the Maurer School of Law unless you have an IU permit. This lot maintains enforcement hours after 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Once these lots fill up, try parking on the street in downtown Bloomington and surrounding neighborhoods. There are both metered and residential parking spots located between 4th St. and 9th St., and as far west as College Ave. You’ll pay $1 an hour for metered parking until 9 p.m. You do not need a neighborhood parking permit after 5 p.m. on Fridays.

If you would rather stroll through campus for old times’ sake, park in one of IU’s paid parking garages. Friday pricing information is available through the Office of Parking Operations. Parking is free in IU parking garages all day Saturday and Sunday.

  • 11th and Fee Parking Garage (approximately a 5-minute walk to Woodlawn Ave. and 11th St.)
  • Atwater Parking Garage (approximately a 13-minute walk to Woodlawn Ave. and 7th St.)
  • Henderson Parking Garage (approximately a 12-minute walk to Woodlawn Ave. and 7th St.)
  • Jordan Parking Garage (approximately a 13-minute walk to Woodlawn Ave. and 7th St.)
  • Poplars Parking Garage (approximately an 8-minute walk to Woodlawn Ave. and 7th St.)

To park closer to the end of the parade, head to the Orange Lot by Memorial Stadium and Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. Important: you cannot leave your car parked overnight here—you will be ticketed and towed.

The best plan is to allow plenty of time for travel. The Waze app provides live updates on traffic conditions and travel times.

The Homecoming Huddle is the perfect way to get together with other IUAA members for a spirited IU tailgate, including delicious food and live entertainment before the big game.

The parking lots around Memorial Stadium and the grass tailgating fields open five hours prior to kickoff.

Let’s pack Memorial Stadium with as much Cream and Crimson as possible. Tickets are available through the IU Athletics Ticket Office. You can purchase them online or by calling 812-855-4006.

Tailgaters may have canopies directly in front of or behind their vehicle, as long as traffic is not impeded or additional parking spaces are not taken. Tents and large tarps, glass bottles, and kegs are not permitted.

If you have more questions about IU’s tailgating or other game-day policies, visit the IU Athletics’ Fan Guide, and refer to the parking policies section.

Fans gather two hours and 15 minutes prior to kickoff, to show their support for the Hoosiers football team as they make their pre-game walk to the stadium. The Marching Hundred and the cheerleaders lead the singing of Indiana, Our Indiana.

Stadium gates open one hour and 30 minutes prior to kickoff. The pre-game show begins 20 minutes prior to kickoff, and is followed by the national anthem approximately five minutes later.

IU Athletics implemented a clear bag policy for the 2018 season and beyond for both Memorial Stadium and Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. The policy, which is similar to other collegiate venues and NFL stadiums, will provide enhanced public safety for all game attendees. For bag guidelines and restrictions, head to the IU Athletics Bag Policy webpage.

Have a question that isn’t on the list? You can reach us by email at iualumni@indiana.edu, or call 812-855-4822 or 800-824-3044.