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When you truly love IU, as we do, it makes sense to invest in an Indiana University Alumni Association membership. There’s no better way to stay connected to the university we adore.

It’s easy to find an option that fits your budget and interests—and to change your membership level when you need to. And it makes sense to join early. Recent grads (those who earned their first IU degree within the last five years) receive a significant discount on membership fees.

Oh, and did we mention membership is 80-percent tax deductible? There’s no reason to wait a second longer to join.

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IU Alumni Association membership makes a great gift

If you have an IU fan on your list, buy them a IU Alumni Association membership. It’s the perfect gift for recent grads, alumni, and anyone who loves IU.

To purchase a gift membership, call 800-824-3044 or email

Claim your tax deduction

You can declare an 80-percent tax-deductible credit for the total cost of your membership fees in any given year.

For example, if you make a total of $55 in payments in 2017 and a total of $495 in payments in 2018, then 80 percent of $55 is tax deductible for 2017, and 80 percent of $495 is tax deductible for 2018.

Only the person who pays for the membership can declare the 80-percent tax-deductible credit.

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