Advertise in the Magazine

Connect with a select group of IU alumni through advertising

If you want to reach IU alumni with your advertising, we’ve got good news. By advertising in the Indiana University Alumni Magazine, you can reach more than 70,000 educated, successful, and affluent people—our members.

Our magazine is distributed around the world two times a year, with more than half of our readership living in Indiana. We also have significant audiences in Illinois, Ohio, Florida, California, Texas, and New York.

44%earn over $100,000

65%own a home worth more than $200,000

64%have a net worth over $250,000

Your advertising options

We have an advertising option for almost every budget, ranging from quarter-page ads to two-page spreads. The following table shows the ad prices per issue—the more you advertise, the bigger the discount.

Ad TypeSize1 Issue2 Issues
Ad type: Back CoverSize: 9" x 8.625" (requires bleed)1 Issue: $4,2462 Issues: $4,034
Ad type: Inside Cover/Pages 1,2, 3Size: 9" x 10.875" (requires bleed)1 Issue: $4,2462 Issues: $4,034
Ad type: Full PageSize: 9" x 10.875" (requires bleed)1 Issue: $3,7302 Issues: $3,543
Ad type: Half PageSize: 7.5" x 4.81"1 Issue: $2,4382 Issues: $2,316
Ad type: Quarter PageSize: 3.65" x 4.81"1 Issue: $1,7222 Issues: $1,636

Custom marketing solutions

If you are looking to reach a specific part of our alumni audience, we can segment our mailing for you so your ad only goes to your target.

You have a number of advertising options:

  • Bellybands wrap your message around the outside of our magazine
  • Magna-stripped inserts glue onto card flaps, which are left behind when the reader pulls the insert out of the magazine
  • Stitched-in cards are bound into the magazine. The cards have perforated lines for easy removal to solicit a response from the reader.
  • Tip-in inserts glue directly onto our magazine page

Rates will depend on the size, weight, and quantity.

Let’s get started

For more information or to request a media kit, email Sharon Martin, our advertising representative, at or call her at 317-250-8484.