Alumni Email Account

IU Grads: Retain an IU email account

We've partnered with University Information Technology Services (UITS) to offer members who graduate in May 2018 and later an option to retain an IU Alumni Gmail account.

Here’s the path to free membership for new grads and an IU Alumni Gmail account:

  • A few months after graduation, you will be notified when your alumni membership is active. You will receive a follow-up communication with instructions for how to request your IU Alumni Gmail account and migrate your Gmail at IU content to the new service.
  • For now, your existing IU email address(es) will continue to work. At a later date, you can set your current email address to deliver to your IU Alumni Gmail account. PRO TIP: As long as your current IU email address delivers to another IU address — like an IUAA email account — it will continue forwarding even after your other accounts expire.

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