Cuba: Art, Culture, & People

Step into the past

Cuba is a trove of revolutionary history and vibrant culture. This eight-night People-to-People educational exchange, licensed by the U.S. Treasury Department, abounds with authentic, enriching experiences. Immerse yourself in this fascinating nation during presentations by local experts coupled with visits to historic sites, museums, schools, and community projects. Discover Havana’s highlights and antiquated charms. Then visit Hemingway’s home, cruise Habana Vieja in a vintage convertible, and meet local artists and dancers.

Admire artistic talent at the National Museum of Fine Arts and encounter Cuba’s most famous export during a cigar factory tour. See a slower side of Cuba as you journey through the Pinar del Río region, enjoy the history and hospitality of Trinidad, and watch a musical performance in Cienfuegos. Along the way, revel in Cuba’s captivating blend of music, cuisine, and art. This small-group experience includes round-trip flights between Miami and Cuba as well as all excursions and talks.

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Trip Name: Cuba: Art, Culture & People
Date: Nov. 25–Dec. 3, 2018
Tour Operator: AHI
Price: From $4,745 per person, based on double occupancy, airfare not included.

IU experts who inspire

Jeanne and Jim Madison have spent most of their careers at Indiana University. As former director of Mini University, IU’s award winning summer program, Jeanne recruited faculty and ensured that Mini students had a fantastic week. Jim, an IU history professor and an award winning teacher, is the author of several books. Jim and Jeanne see travel as a perfect way to pursue their goal of lifelong learning. They have enjoyed a dozen or so trips with IUAA and eagerly look forward to gaining a better understanding of the culture and history of Cuba.

See photos by Bill Bennett of a previous IU Travels trip to Cuba below.


One of Cuba’s famous classic American cars parked in the Plaza de la Revolucion with the likeness of Camilo Cienfuegos in the background. Camilo Cienfuegos was one of the key players in the Cuban revolution. ©Bill Bennett
Musicians serenade the IU Travels group during lunch at the UNESCO World Heritage site of Havana Vieja, Havana Cuba’s historic district. ©Bill Bennett
Cuban taxi drivers wait for a fare outside of the Museo de la Revolucion in Havana. ©Bill Bennett
A local waits to shine shoes outside of the Hotel Mercure Sevilla in Havana. ©Bill Bennett
A young boy feeds the pigeons in front of the Basilica Menor de San Francisco de Asis, Havana, Cuba. ©Bill Bennett
A Cuban woman dressed in white, walks the streets of Old Havana. She will wear white for a year as part of her initiation into an African based religion called Santeria. ©Bill Bennett
Music brings young and old together. Two Cubans take time to enjoy the skillful serenade of this trumpet player in Old Havana. ©Bill Bennett
An aerial view of Havana’s Paseo del Prado from the Hotel Mercure Sevilla, a divided street with a beautiful tree lined promenade running through its center. ©Bill Bennett
A guitar player serenades our group as we wander through Havana’s historic Plaza Vieja. ©Bill Bennett
Children at the Casa de la Cultura, a children’s cultural center, demonstrate their dancing talents to the IU Travels group. ©Bill Bennett
Waves crash against the seawall of Havana’s historic Malecon, a broad esplanade, and roadway stretching 8 km along the mouth of Havana Harbor. ©Bill Bennett
A fisherman prepares to cast his line from atop a seawall along the Malecon as the clouds above reflect the color of the morning’s sunrise. ©Bill Bennett
The Faro Castillo del Morro stands guard over Havana Harbor, keeping sailors safe since its construction in 1845. ©Bill Bennett
Children peer out from their school along the Paseo del Prado, eagerly waiting for their friends to arrive for the morning lessons. ©Bill Bennett
IU Alumni enjoy a classic car ride through Havana’s historic quarter. ©Bill Bennett
Ernest Hemingway’s typewriter and desk in his home, Finca Viga, which means lookout house. Hemingway’s study at Finca Vinga sits atop a two story tower with breathtaking views of Havana and the coast. It was here that he wrote For Whom the Bell Tolls and The Old Man and the Sea.  ©Bill Bennett
One of the many restaurants along Havana’s Paseo del Prado. ©Bill Bennett
Compay Segundo was a widely popular Cuban trova guitarist, singer and composer, known for his most famous composition “Chan Chan.” This sculpture of Compay, with his trademark Cuban cigar in hand, sits in the bar of the historic Hotel Nacional de Cuba. ©Bill Bennett
A troupe of young Cuban dancers practices one of their routines as the IU Travels group prepares for Salsa dance lessons. ©Bill Bennett
A young boy practices his soccer juggling moves outside of a school in Las Terrazas, a self-sustaining socialist community on Cuba’s west coast. ©Bill Bennett
Che Guevara’s portrait adorns the side of a school building in Las Terrazas. Che played a key role in the Cuban Revolution that ousted Cuban President, Fulgencio Batista in 1959. ©Bill Bennett
Roystonea regia palm trees reaching for the sky along Cuba’s west coast. ©Bill Bennett
Lunch at El Romero, an eco-restaurant located in the self-sustaining socialist community of Las Terrazas on the west coast of Cuba. The meal was prepared using organic fruits and vegetables, all sourced from the community’s gardens. ©Bill Bennett
The interior of a classic 1950’s era American car. These cars were imported prior to the 1960’s trade embargo and have become a symbol of Cuban ingenuity. Owners keep these cars in pristine condition, often with parts they hand make themselves. ©Bill Bennett
A Russian made Lada parked on the colorful streets of Trinidad, a UNESCO World Heritage site located on the south central coast of Cuba. Evidence of Cuba’s relationship with the former Soviet Union during the Cold War can be found today in some of the country’s cars and architecture. ©Bill Bennett
A view of Trinidad and the Escambray Mountains from the bell tower of  the Convento de San Francisco de Asis. ©Bill Bennett


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