European Collage: Oceania Cruises

Capture the allure of Europe, with the wind in your hair

If you’re looking to stir your soul, Tuscany will do the trick. From craggy cliffs and whitewashed villas to yacht-studded harbors and fashionable boutiques, Europe has it all. Begin your voyage in Barcelona and sail to Ibiza. Along the way, every port offers a unique adventure. Traversing four countries in nine days, you’ll awaken your inner traveler.

Experience the natural beauty of Corsica island’s lush pine forests and scenic gorges as well as St. Tropez’s white-washed beaches. Browse Ibiza’s Museum of Contemporary Art; explore the Bonaparte House Museum in Ajaccio; see Monte Carlo’s elegant Hôtel de Paris; admire Portofino’s pastel-colored houses, or perhaps visit Santa Margherita; and cruise to Livorno, a gateway to the art and architecture of Florence and Pisa.

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Trip Name: European Collage: Oceania Cruises
Date: May 27–June 4, 2017


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