North Atlantic Quest

Take in Ísafjörður’s rugged mountain peaks

Sail the northern reaches of the North Atlantic on this cruise to Iceland, Greenland, Canada, and New England. Start with an overnight stay in Reykjavík, which blends ancient maritime history and Nordic tradition with a lively modern edge. Continue to Ísafjörður, and take in the town’s eighteenth-century architecture and surrounding rugged mountain peaks. On your way to Greenland, sail the breathtakingly beautiful Prince Christian Sound, a fifty-five-mile-long channel dotted with icebergs and surrounded by towering glacier-carved mountains. Qaqortoq, the next stop, radiates a rustic feel with a landscape covered in colorful quaint wooden homes.

Sail up the coast to Paamiut, an off-the-beaten-path fishing town backed by towering mountains: a great location to observe the nattoralik eagle. Before cruising across the Labrador Sea and the Strait of Belle Isle, spend time in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital that offers memorable sites highlighting the city’s culture and the country’s history. Once in Canada, see landmarks from the 1700s in Sydney, experience the small-town feel of big-city Halifax, and witness the Reversing Falls, a daily tidal phenomenon, in Saint John. Before ending your cruise in New York, visit Bar Harbor, which boasts some of the Eastern Seaboard’s most stunning vistas, and Boston, New England’s largest city that abounds with history and architectural grandeur.

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Trip Name: North Atlantic Quest
Date: September 10–27, 2019
Tour Operator: Go Next
Price: From $5,199 per person, based on double occupancy, airfare included from select cities.
Reservations: Contact Go Next (888)-664-0140

1Depart U.S.
2Reykjavík, Iceland
3Reykjavík, Iceland
4Ísafjör∂ur, Iceland
5At Sea
6Cruising Prince Christian Sound
7Qaqortoq, Greenland
8Paamiut, Greenland
9Nuuk, Greenland
10At Sea
11Cruising Strait of Belle Isle
12Sydney, Canada
13Halifax, Canada
14Saint John, Canada
15Bar Harbor, Maine
16Boston, Massachusetts
17At Sea
18New York, New York

North Atlantic Quest itinerary map


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