Definitions and Resources

How we count alumni

For your reference, we offer this brief census of living degree­-holding graduates of Indiana University. We publish official alumni counts annually.

Most calculations are based on data in the Crimson constituent database maintained jointly by the Indiana University Alumni Association and Indiana University Foundation. Since reporting methodologies and standards may vary, these numbers have nuances that may not align with other institutional reports.

International Graduates
Degrees issued to individuals affiliated with a country outside of the United States.
Unique Graduates
Graduates are counted once, even if they hold multiple degrees. These numbers represent people who are not deceased and have a status of “graduated” for degree levels of associate, bachelor, master, doctoral, and honorary from Indiana University. Certificate-holders, residents, and fellows are not included in this calculation.

IU by the numbers

University Institutional Research and Reporting maintains and provides data that support IU’s compliance reporting, accreditation, decision making, and strategic planning processes. UIRR has additional numbers about Indiana University, its faculty, staff, and students.