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We have what it takes to succeed

Our global community is more than 600,000 alumni strong. That means we have access to the expertise, connections, and advice of an incredibly large and diverse network.

You can see that strength reflected in the professional success of our alumni and in the number of professional development events at which we gather to help each other.

We also have all the resources that IU can provide. IU’s dedication to our success didn’t end at graduation. It continues as long as our careers do.

Career coaching and success go hand in hand

Managing a career is tough. But our connection to IU means that whether we’re happy with the direction of our career or we’re feeling stuck, we can get help from the career coaches at the IU alumni association.

So even if you think you’re on the right path, it can’t hurt to make an appointment. These are professional coaches who can advise you on the best approach to your career journey—whether it’s making a minor tweak or heading down a whole new path.

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And networking online is crucial

Put our massive network to work for you on LinkedIn by claiming IU as your alma mater on your profile.

It’s also a good idea to follow your campus page to search for fellow IU alumni. You’ll receive updates, career advice and articles, and links to IU career events.

Find a little inspiration

Everyone runs out of juice every once in a while. We can recharge our professional batteries with helpful career wisdom and inspiring stories of self-actualization. 

Check out these helpful resources:

You can get help from your campus

IU alumni can get career help on every campus. Find the one you attended to see what’s available there.

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