IUAA Volunteer Leadership Award

Honoring volunteers

Developed in 2019, the IUAA Volunteer Leadership Award honors those of our most committed alumni volunteers who are still writing the chapters of their alumni story through volunteerism and service. Our purpose is to recognize volunteer leaders who have exemplified commitment, collaboration, inclusion and pride through their work for the IU Alumni Association and have shown leadership in areas of time, talent or treasure.

Nominate an alumni volunteer for the Volunteer Leadership Award


The purpose of the IUAA Volunteer Leadership Award is to recognize alumni volunteers who have committed years of service, hours of advocacy, and ultimately have stewarded the Alumni Association’s mission forward. This award is given to those that have shown investment in IUAA through time, talent or treasure, and are seen as emerging leaders in the Indiana University community and IUAA family.

Eligibility for Award
  • Only living alumni volunteers of Indiana University or the IU Alumni Association are eligible.
  • The nominee shall have been outstanding in service to the IU Alumni Association in ways that advance Indiana University as a whole.
  • The nominee must be an engaged member of the IU community. Their recent history should reflect financial and volunteer support benefiting IU, IUAA, or an IUAA chapter, affiliate group, or constituent society.
Nominations and Selection
  • Nominations will be submitted to the IU Alumni Association in February of each year.
  • Honorees will be selected by a committee consisting of members of the Leadership Team appointed by the CAO.
  • All nominations will automatically be valid for the next two successive years. After that, they must be resubmitted.
  • Nominations must be submitted no later than the last day of February.
  • The Executive Council of the IU Alumni Association strongly suggests the awards be made to individuals from as many communities, campuses, and backgrounds as possible.
  • The awards shall be given at the banquet dinner in the summer, in conjunction with Alumni Leaders Weekend.
  • Award recipients must be present at the dinner banquet.
  • The number of awards per year will be determined by the CAO, in consultation with the committee.