Mini University

An IU education doesn’t end at graduation

Any lifelong learner—IU alum or not—will appreciate hearing the unique and intriguing new ideas from IU’s most provocative and interesting faculty during this weeklong, award-winning event.

At Mini University, you’ll join hundreds of classmates at the Indiana Memorial Union, where you can choose to attend up to 15 classes from the more than 100 noncredit classes available. And there’s plenty happening outside the classroom, including dinners at the Union, behind the scenes tours, film screenings, summer theater productions, and other social gatherings around vibrant Bloomington.

Mini University 2019

June 9th–June 14th

Prepare to be transported back in time to the Golden Age of American music with “Unforgettable: The Music of Nat King Cole.” Or to the turbulent Sixties with “Just Like Me: Vietnam War Stories from All Sides.” Or embrace your passion for discovery in a wide array of classes by outstanding IU faculty at our 48th Annual Mini University.

For one week I am exposed to a wide variety of topics and am mentally energized. What else could you ask for?

Elizabeth Tanis, Mini University attendee
Rows of people sit facing a podium, where a man in a plaid suit jacket stands
A blonde woman speaks to three older women in a pink room
A group of people stands in a circle around a green-shirted woman speaking
A large group of people wearing red and white stand on the steps of a limestone building with their arms in the air

Join us for a future Mini U

  • June 7–12, 2020 (IU’s Bicentennial)
  • June 12–18, 2021 (Mini U’s 50th Anniversary)
  • June 12–17, 2022
  • June 11–16, 2023
  • June 9–14, 2024
  • June 8–13, 2025


For more information about Mini University, please contact Lifelong Learning at or 812-855-9335.