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You must be an IUAA member to become an alumni volunteer. Our member program offers three recognition levels—IU Life, IU Loyal, and our no-cost option, IU Proud.

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What does being an alumni volunteer involve?

Your role as an alumni volunteer will vary depending on the needs of the IUAA. As a volunteer you might:

  • Contribute to the Virtual Alumni Network—the IUAA’s social and professional networking platform available only to members.
  • Help plan and organize special events.
  • Promote IU initiatives on social media and via email.
  • Spearhead fundraising activities.
  • Volunteer in your local community.

Become an alumni volunteer

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Who do alumni volunteers directly support?

The IUAA and its volunteers support nearly 750,000 alumni across the globe. We rely on alumni volunteers to engage with alumni in our affiliate, academic-based, and geographic communities, as well as the Virtual Alumni Network.

These groups share a common bond of self-identity or experience. For example, the IUAA supports the Asian Alumni Association, as well as the IU Auditorium Alumni Association—a community of alums who worked at the auditorium as students.

Academic Based Communities organize around the academic school or regional campus through which they earned their degree. For example, The Media School Alumni Association or the IU South Bend Alumni Association.

Referred to as “chapters,” these communities are defined by where alumni live. The IUAA supports local chapters all over the world, including Berlin, Beijing, and New Delhi, to name a few.

This is a space to meet new friends, reconnect with fellow alums, share stories, and even mentor others. Learn more about the Virtual Alumni Network.

Looking to serve IU and its alumni in a larger capacity?

  • Run in the trustee election.
    Graduates of Indiana University may serve as a member of the IU Board of Trustees, Indiana University’s governing body. The board is made up of nine trustees, three of whom are elected by alumni. The remaining six are appointed by Indiana’s governor.
  • Run for the Board of Managers or Executive Council.
    These are the IUAA’s governing bodies that work diligently to guide the Alumni Association as it serves IU and its alumni.
  • Become an alumni recruiter in partnership with IU Bloomington’s Office of Admissions.

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