Annual Report — Fiscal Year 2022–23

Greetings from the IUAA

IUAA CAO Patricia Riveire Stumpf speaking with Katelyn King, BS’23, at the LGBTQ+ Celebration Weekend, March 2023. King now serves as student representative on the IUAA Board of Managers.

Ours may be a landlocked state in the heart of the country but let there be no doubt that Indiana University is a bridge to the world beyond our borders.

Whether those experiences take place on campus, online, or in the communities we serve, encountering the world is a hallmark of an IU education. From a flourishing Fulbright Program and the nation’s largest offering of foreign-language instruction to our Global Gateways and thousands of international students, IU’s global reach is by design, reflecting investment over generations.

Of IU’s 774,828 living graduates, more than 50,000 live outside the United States. As Herman B Wells, BS’24, MA’27, LLD’62, offered in his 1980 memoir, Being Lucky, “In time I came to realize that our alumni are everywhere; in fact, the sun never sets on the world of Indiana University alumni.”

I felt the reach of that global embrace when I traveled to Thailand in 2019 with the Association. I was struck by feeling very much “at home” despite the distance I’d traveled to visit with a host of international alumni and volunteers. There is something innately “IU” about our shared educational experience that is both heartwarming and satisfying.

Part of the international welcome I felt was because of the warm hospitality, opportunities for collaboration, and sense of a shared mission I encountered in meeting with alumni volunteers—a theme highlighted in the pages of this report. My appreciation to all IU alumni who serve our alma mater and communities, both here and abroad.

Thank you for your interest and investment in the IU Alumni Association.

For the Glory of IU,

—Patricia Riveire Stumpf, MS’07

Through the years of travel I have met alumni in every state of the union and in many foreign countries, both Americans living abroad and alumni who returned to their native countries. Regardless of where I would travel, on whatever kind of business, I have had the happy privilege of coming upon alumni, sometimes in wholly unexpected places. In time I came to realize that our alumni are everywhere; in fact, the sun never sets on the world of Indiana University alumni.

—Herman B Wells, BS’24, MA’27, LLD’62

From his autobiography, Being Lucky: Reminiscences & Reflections, 1980, Indiana University Press

Global Impact

Indiana University’s International Alumni Connect to Build Bridges Around the World

Indiana University’s alumni are present in nearly every country around the world, reflecting the international impact of the university in education and research.

The IUAA plays a key role in our global university community, offering a platform for connectivity that strengthens international outreach at every level of the organization. From our 47 alumni chapters in 42 countries to supporting IU’s network of Global Gateway offices, alumni are active in supporting the university across the world.

Within the IUAA, the Department of Global Engagement serves as a catalyst to IU’s international connectivity. Working across the IUAA and in collaboration with key university partners, we leverage relationships that add to the impact, sustainability, and coordination of initiatives. This is accomplished by focusing on people—the “all who love IU” called out in IUAA’s vision—and bringing those people together to mutually advance their connection to IU.

Today, those priorities include connecting alumni with students participating in education-abroad programs; activating alumni in support of global student recruitment; opening pathways for global alumni to philanthropically support IU; and building networks that further IU’s impact on the state, nation, and world.

Perhaps most importantly, international alumni are critical ambassadors of IU’s brand and reputation. As IU’s academic accomplishments cement the university as a global leader in higher education, alumni raise the awareness of IU outside the American media ecosystem and cultural space. These alumni demonstrate professional excellence, lead positive social impact, and celebrate their identity every day.

International alumni engagement opens the door to a treasure trove of opportunities to interact and engage with professionals globally, who share the same set of values and quality education. Simple conversations have created business opportunities and collaborative efforts between alumni for a variety of causes spread across far reaches of the world. This, coupled with stories from our days at Indiana University, makes the effort an absolute joy.

—Shishir Deshpande, LLM’06 Manager at Large, IUAA Board of Managers

‘Global’ Is Not a Place—It Is a Mindset

The COVID-19 pandemic may have challenged globalization in many ways, but it did not diminish IU’s critical role as a bridge between Indiana and the world.

Post-pandemic, one’s geographic “location” has increasingly faded as a deciding factor in how graduates relate to their alma maters. In fact, the borders someone may live within do not have to determine their relationship to IU.

More than ever, experience is driving how we make deep connections with alumni and how we invite them to take their place in the university community.

“Those who come to IU as international students are highly likely to experience diversity in the university context,” says Roy Hooper, BA’12, MBA’16, the IUAA’s director of global engagement. “That makes our global outreach an important part of the Association’s dedication to advancing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Global engagement offers opportunities to expand horizons, perspectives, and minds by celebrating and creating space for the voices of our global alumni.”

The IUAA is committed to engaging with alumni, wherever they call home. We are grateful for the grassroots volunteers around the world that bring our diverse IU communities together. We support university leadership and academic units seeking partners and resources for critical initiatives. And lastly, we embrace alumni looking for ways to belong and bring IU into their community and experience.

Indiana University’s extensive alumni network, comprising more than 770,000 living graduates, is a remarkable and globally diverse community of leaders and innovators. Their profound impact on local and international communities underscores IU’s unwavering dedication to excellence in education and its commitment to serving the public good on a global scale. Through their outstanding achievements and their roles as university ambassadors, IU alumni not only enhance IU’s reputation but also contribute to its growing influence in the worldwide landscape of higher education.

—Pamela Whitten President, Indiana University

IU’s Global Gateway

IU’s Global Gateway Network builds relationships with universities, institutes, non-governmental organizations, governments, and businesses around the world. It creates opportunities for research, partnerships, conferences, workshops, overseas study, and internships. Gateway offices are located in Delhi, Beijing, Berlin, Mexico City, and Bangkok.

Advancing Engagement

Strengthening Alumni Engagement Across IU

As part of our work to build new pathways and possibilities in alumni engagement, the IU Alumni Association hosted its inaugural Advancement Partner Summit in November 2022. The conference was a direct result of research collected and strategies built around the IUAA’s strategic priority of strengthening alumni relations across the university. The event was supported by the IUAA Leadership and Innovation Fund.

Eighty advancement professionals—representing nearly all IU Bloomington and IUPUI schools, units, and regional campuses—participated in the one-day summit. The goal was to share information and build deeper connections within the IU advancement community.

Guests included Indiana’s Commissioner for Higher Education Chris Lowery, BS’84, and industry expert and consultant Chris Marshall, who led an interactive session on best practices and strategies related to alumni engagement. Participants spent time in break-out sessions and peer-to-peer panel discussions on topics that included engaging recent graduates, diversifying the alumni engagement experience, and opportunities to collaborate.

“The energy in the room was undeniable and inspirational,” says Connie Billett, the IUAA’s director of alumni relations. “The event was such a success that we decided to bring it back in 2023, with plans to make it an annual gathering of our IU advancement colleagues.”

Strategic initiatives such as the Advancement Partner Summit are just some of the ways IUAA supports alumni engagement at campuses, schools, and units. IUPUI School of Liberal Arts collaborated with the IUAA Regatta Alumni Tent event including alumni pictured here. Shonda Nicole Gladden; Charity Counts, MA’08; and David Girton, BA’07.

AED: Award-Winning Tool of the Trade

One of the highlights of the 2022 Advancement Partner Summit was formally launching the IUAA’s Alumni Engagement Dashboard, or AED, an enterprise-wide solution that offers a more informed measure of the breadth of alumni engagement at IU.

This tool helps realize a long-held dream in alumni engagement work at IU: to measure the extent to which we interact and engage with alumni—in ways that go beyond dollars raised. Its development was a direct outcome of the IUAA’s strategic planning work.

“Our colleagues have long been asking for a tool that can measure and track their work so that they can activate new initiatives, set goals, and celebrate the generosity of alumni,” says Nattie Meador, BS’08, the IUAA’s associate director of alumni relations.

“The dashboard has gone from ‘nice’ to ‘necessary’ as our advancement colleagues utilize this tool to share the profound impact our alumni have on Indiana University,” she says. “The AED really underscores the essential work of alumni engagement across IU in ways that weren’t possible previously.”

The AED was selected for a Circle of Excellence Gold Award from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education in June 2023.

According to CASE judges, “The panel adored this project because it brilliantly highlights the significance of alumni engagement beyond financial support and identifies areas for improvement or celebration.”

The Alumni Engagement Dashboard is incredibly important to highlight and track alumni engagement across IU. It’s an effective and quick resource to see how alumni-relations efforts are impacting each campus. I use it for my metrics and to communicate with campus administration, faculty, staff, and alumni volunteers. It shows how our hard work is benefitting the university.

—Benjamin Liechty, BA’06 Director of Alumni Relations and Director of the LGBTQ+ Center, IU Kokomo

Big Ten Alumni Relations Gathering Highlights Value of Collaboration

In July 2022, the IUAA hosted the Big Ten Alumni Relations Institute. The gathering included 13 of 14 Big Ten schools and UCLA, ahead of its formal entry into the Big Ten.

It was the first in-person BTARI conference since 2019. Participants included an array of alumni engagement professionals, featured speakers, and presenters in alumni leadership.

“The value in getting together with our amazing colleagues from around the Big Ten cannot be underestimated,” says Mike Mann, BS’91, MPA’18, the IUAA’s managing director of alumni programs. “We all work in a profession that serves alumni from around the world. One of the great benefits of a conference like BTARI is that we are not in competition with each other. We learn from each other as we share best practices, successes, and struggles.”

It was also a chance to offer up some quintessential Hoosier hospitality in showcasing downtown Bloomington and the campus at its summertime best. “Hosting BTARI was a great opportunity to share not only our beautiful locale, but also the expertise our team brings to the table as we gather with the best and brightest in the industry,” says Mann.

Participants in the 2022 Big Ten Alumni Relations Institute pause for a photo at IUB’s Sample Gates.

IUPUI Community

Exploring Health & Wellness at Weekend U

The IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations presented Weekend U in February 2023. The all-day educational conference, “The Art & Science of Well-Being,” featured IU faculty and community experts speaking on a wide range of health-sciences topics.

Weekend U leverages IU’s subject-matter experts and educational resources—in partnership with the community—to present relevant, accessible programming.

In this iteration, speakers shared perspectives on a range of health and wellness subjects that impact individuals and communities. Topics included social justice and inequities in health care, food deserts, brain health, providing inclusive care, the dialogue around food and the body, and the cycle of well-being. Dr. Justin Garcia, executive director of IU’s Kinsey Institute, offered the day’s keynote, reflecting on 75 years of Kinsey’s explorations of sexuality, relationships, and well-being.

“The keynote speaker was fantastic!” says Weekend U participant Pete Hunter, BS’10, BS’13, MPA’16. “And the afternoon session with Dr. Kazembe was life-changing! He was an incredible lecturer, and his message was both timely and relevant for anyone interested in education.”

Alumni Hospitality Tent Is a Splash

In September 2022, the IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations hosted its first alumni hospitality tent at the 14th annual IUPUI Regatta. This new gathering spot offered alumni an easily accessible, family-friendly opportunity to return to campus and engage in a community-centered experience in the heart of Indianapolis.

The hospitality tent offered a cash bar, light snacks, tables with seating, and plenty of Jaguar spirit; more than 300 people joined in the fun.

“The vision in creating the Regatta all those years ago was to provide an anchor event for the Student Organization for Alumni Relations, which would help students develop their leadership and organization skills while providing an event that could serve as a unifying activity for our campus community,” says Stefan Davis, retired executive director of the IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations and retired associate vice president of the IU Alumni Association. “Today we see a very successful Regatta that continues to grow while staying true to its initial vision.”

Established in 2009, the IUPUI Regatta helps raise funds for the Stefan S. Davis Regatta Scholarship, which has provided nearly $30,000 in aid to student leaders.

IUPUI’s Jaguar mascots take some time out for photos at the alumni hospitality tent.

Cultivating Belonging

Celebrating Our LGBTQ+ Community

Some 25 years ago, a dedicated collective of alumni chartered a community to celebrate and support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer students and alumni of Indiana University. The legacy of that work is alive and well.

Celebration Weekend honors IU’s LGBTQ+ community, and it does so in an authentic way that speaks to what this diverse community has brought to American culture, in general, and to IU more specifically. The weekend program is designed to celebrate LGBTQ+ alumni, current students, faculty and staff, and the surrounding geographic area that supports this vibrant community.

One of the highlights of the March weekend was recognizing two alumni with the IU LGBTQ+AA Distinguished Alumni Award: James Luther, PhD’92, and Kellye Testy, BA’82, JD’91, both of whom represent a shining light in serving others. A silent auction during the Saturday evening gathering at Woolery Mill raised thousands of dollars to support scholarships for LGBTQ+ students. Other programming included the “Pride in Practice” education summit, attendance at the People’s Market, and film screenings at the IU Cinema.

“The LGBTQ+ Alumni Association Celebration Weekend is a chance for LGBTQ+ members of the IU family to connect across difference, learn from each other, and recommit to the important work of making IU—and the world—a better place,” says Katelyn King, BS’23, who was a student when she attended the event, and now, as a graduate student, serves as student representative on the IUAA Board of Managers. “It’s a time for alumni, students, faculty, and staff alike to connect and rejuvenate during this wonderful annual tradition.”

Building a Welcoming, Inclusive Community 

The IUAA made great strides this year in advancing our strategic plan priority of cultivating belonging for staff, volunteers, and alumni. We engaged in meaningful and deliberate conversations and training that helped continue building a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

The DEIB Executive Council Committee and the DEIB Staff Advisory Group, as well as IUAA staff and volunteers, worked throughout the year on several key initiatives, including ongoing training and resource development for staff; creating a cultural celebrations and observations calendar; reviewing IUAA policies; and developing a communications subcommittee of the DEIB Executive Council Committee.

Additionally, staff and volunteer leaders advised and participated in an environmental assessment conducted by an external consultant. The assessment, which included a thorough review of IUAA materials and artifacts, focus group discussions, and a survey of our alumni body, gathered crucial data, perspectives, and findings that are vital to informing our work moving forward.

Initial recommendations from this assessment were presented to the Board of Managers, Executive Council, staff, volunteers, and partners during the IUAA’s Alumni Leaders Weekend in June. This study is a foundational element of our work to cultivate belonging that will impact strategic goals and initiatives for years to come.

IUAA on the Road

Panels Showcase Alumni

The IUAA presented two events in major markets in fiscal year 2023 featuring alumni whose professional and personal stories serve as inspirational examples of what can be accomplished with an IU degree. Hosted in partnership with IU school and unit partners, these gatherings featured alumni who exemplify the impact and power of an IU education.

The first of these panels, in November 2022—offered in partnership with the Jacobs School of Music, College of Arts & Sciences, and the Metro NYC Chapter of the IUAA—featured a lineup of prominent, New York-area alumni whose careers offer diverse examples of thriving in the entertainment industry. Each shared stories of their time at Indiana University, the impact IU has had on their lives, and the influence they’ve achieved in their respective fields.

Melissa Dickson, BS’03, assistant dean of the Jacobs School of Music, moderated the discussion that included Gregg Arst, BA’97, president and founder of Tanna Inc.; Jake Benjamin, MM’18, singer and performance artist; and Brian Stack, BA’86, writer, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

As part of its IU Day celebration in April 2023, the DC chapter of the IUAA—in partnership with the O’Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs and Women’s Philanthropy at IU—hosted a panel at the National Press Club featuring five alumni whose paths offer different examples of how to put an IU education to work serving others.

Robin Steis, BA’83, recipient of the IU Bicentennial Medal, which recognized her distinguished service and support of IU, moderated the discussion that featured Yulia Boyle, MPA’99, vice president, Disney Entertainment; Jennifer Broome, MA’06, vice president of philanthropy, Prosperity Now; Julie Carey, BA’82, Northern Virginia bureau chief, NBC-4; and Dawn Michele Whitehead, BA’97, MS’03, PhD’07, vice president, Office of Global Citizenship, American Association of Colleges and Universities.

Robin Steis, BA’83, Yulia Boyle, MPA’99, and Jennifer Broome, MA’06, participate in an alumni panel in Washington, D.C. in April 2023.

IUAA events that highlight the expertise and professional experiences of IU alumni serve as motivating, inspirational opportunities. Not only do they encourage networking, but they also provide wonderful spaces for new graduates and potential students to see the power and range of careers that IU prepares students to enter.

—Dawn Michele Whitehead, BA’97, MS’03, PhD’07 Chair elect, IUAA Board of Managers

IU Day Reception in Nashville Features Angela Brown

According to IUAA Nashville Chapter volunteer Leslie Shivamber, BS’86, IU Day is always a good time in the Music City. “But 2023 felt extra special,” she says.

Her chapter worked with the Neal-Marshall Alumni Club to secure internationally acclaimed soprano, opera star, and IU alum Angela Brown, ’86, as the featured speaker for the April gathering at the National Museum of African American Music in Nashville.

Her presentation, “You Are the Light of Your World,” was offered in the same museum where her works are featured.

“Her words were so inspirational and timely,” Shivamber says. “She reflected on how her time at IU shaped her incredible career, and it was truly a privilege to hear her perform in such a storied venue. It was exciting to see how our IU Day partnerships highlighted Nashville’s music scene, Black music history, and our diverse IU alumni community.”

After Brown’s presentation, guests enjoyed the museum at their own pace. Opened in 2021, the museum’s inaugural exhibitions were curated by IU’s renowned ethnomusicologist and emeritus faculty, Dr. Portia Maultsby, whose influence in music is legendary.

The Nashville Chapter of the IUAA and the Neal-Marshall Alumni Club hosted renowned singer and opera star, Angela Brown, ’86, as part of the 2023 IU Day celebration.

Community Spotlight: South Bend Region

The South Bend Region of the IU Alumni Association provides a variety of programming to connect alumni, while also supporting student scholarships. Board members are active on four committees critical to the planning and presentation of a diverse array of opportunities to engage the expansive alumni network in the region.

Highlights from the South Bend Region’s fiscal year 2023 programming included: IU at the Zoo, a poetry jam, helping with student move-in day, social gatherings like trivia night and IU Day at the Cellar, multiple game watches, and alumni nights at area minor league baseball and IUSB basketball games throughout the year.

Serving on the the South Bend Region’s volunteer board is personal for President Robyn D. Black, BA’13, MLS’23: “My IU journey began after my career was derailed. I was a single mom to two adolescent daughters. An IU South Bend alumna encouraged me and showed me all the resources available to help me succeed. The IUAA provided me with scholarships to make earning a degree possible. Immediately after commencement I started my volunteer journey with the IUAA. I am happy to raise scholarship money to ensure the success of future IU students. It is a privilege to serve the university I love.”

Michael Staszewski, BS’15, and Todd Beall, BS’99, with IUSB Titan mascots at IU Night at a South Bend Cubs game in July 2022.

Alumni Communities

Certified Alumni Leaders


School Alumni Groups



U.S. and International Chapters


Regional Campus Groups


Affiliate and Identity Groups


IUAA Governance Groups


Investing in Students

Meet Stephan French II, Inaugural National Alumni Communities Scholarship Recipient

In 2022, the IU Alumni Association pooled the scholarship resources of 11 alumni chapters whose volunteers were interested in aggregating funds for increased impact. Combining resources in this way honors the volunteer work that supported students from their regions for many years. Their generosity led to the creation of the National Alumni Communities Scholarship.

The award is open to any IU student, from any IU campus, studying any subject at any level, allowing the IUAA to showcase student achievement and reduce barriers to accessing scholarship funding.

2023 Awardee: Stephan French II

Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.

Major/minor: Computer science with a minor in business, class of 2024

Favorite class so far: Principles of Machine Learning

Other activities: Senior vice president, Alpha Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity; vice president of the 102nd Board of Aeons; Luddy Student Ambassador; Cabinet of Student Leaders member; Dean’s Advisory Council on Diversity & Inclusion member

Career interests: Technical consulting and/or using artificial intelligence to enhance anti-fraud technology

In his own words: Receiving the National Alumni Communities Scholarship is a tremendous honor for me. It provides vital financial support to pursue my degree, while also connecting me to an inspiring community of IU graduates dedicated to helping students like me achieve our dreams.

IUB student Stephan French II, a senior in the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, won the inaugural National Alumni Communities Scholarship in 2023.

In FY23, the IUAA awarded 156 students a total of $311,415 in scholarships.

License to Learn: Supporting Working Students

Not only are drivers riding with pride when they sport an IU license plate, they’re also supporting student scholarships, including the License to Learn program.

Originally conceived as a scholarship to honor the top 10 of IUPUI’s annual Top 100 students, the IUAA recently expanded the program to recognize exceptional non-traditional students who work full-time while enrolled in school. These students generally do not qualify for financial aid and often struggle to pay tuition, work full-time, and maintain academic standing. As an investment in their education, the IUAA awarded $10,000 License to Learn scholarships to four students for each of the last two years.

Alison Gudan, a 2023 License to Learn awardee, described her $10,000 scholarship as “life-changing,” adding: “For me, this scholarship is an extension, a manifestation, of the best of what IU is—a fertile heartland for passion and inspiration, rooted in a community that upholds and uplifts. Thank you for bestowing this financial freedom and encouragement as I go into my final year. Your gift is a light along my path, and I am so grateful for this investment in my family and our future. I cannot wait to join you as a proud IU alumna.”

Over the years, Jaguar license plates have helped the IUAA recognize more than 200 students with various scholarships, and we continue to build on that legacy.

IUAA Financials

Returning to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Activities were in full swing at the IUAA for the first full year since the pandemic, resulting in less budget variance in fiscal year 2023 (July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2023) compared to the last two fiscal years. As such, the IUAA’s budget showed an increase in both revenue and expenses, as program participation and travel related to alumni engagement returned to normal levels.

IU Travels program revenue, which suffered during the pandemic, continues to grow, more than doubling in FY23. However, program revenue for FY23 was still less than two-thirds of pre-pandemic revenue (FY19).

The IU Alumni Association also saw an increase in sponsorship revenue through IU contracts with Follett (IU Bookstores) and Legends (Hoosier Team Store).

As annual member contributions continued to decline, the IUAA received $300,000 in support from the IU Foundation to offset this decline in FY23, as the two organizations partnered on an initiative to steward alumni and donors who give to any Indiana University fund.

The IUAA saw more than $400,000 in unrealized investment losses in FY23. However, net performance over the last five years has seen more than $4 million in unrealized gains.

Overall, the IUAA had an operating surplus of $260,000 for FY23 and created another balanced budget for FY24, with plans to spend 100 percent of annual revenue on programming and operations.

Corporate Partners

Partnerships Benefit IU Alumni

The IUAA’s 25-year partnership with Bank of America, our branded alumni credit-card program, brought in more than $300,000 of support for IUAA operations in fiscal year 2023. We also started marketing two new insurance partners during the year: Farmers Insurance and LifeQuotes Inc.

The IU Office of Business Partnerships also negotiated two new contracts in 2022, bringing sponsorship support to the IUAA from the IU Bookstore and Indiana Hoosiers Team Store/Legends, in addition to the existing partnership with Herff Jones.

“The IUAA and the Office of Business Partnerships work together to build mutually beneficial partnerships in support of alumni, students, and much more,” says Valerie Gill, IU’s associate vice president for corporate sponsorships, licensing, and trademarks.

“We are grateful for our partnerships with IU Bookstores, Indiana Hoosiers Team Store, and Herff Jones. They prioritize our university values, provide services to our campuses, offset costs, and help create vibrant programing in support of IU students and alumni,” Gill says.

IU’s contracts with each of these partners include support for IUAA programming, including Regatta, Homecoming, and other signature events throughout the year, as well as general operations.

The IU Collegiate License Plate Program provides a great way for alumni to show their IU spirit. More than 69,000 IU and IUPUI supporters sport specialty plates across the state. The program is the funding source for the IUAA Scholars Program, which awards scholarships to more than 30 students each school year.

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