Annual Report

Greetings from the Indiana University Alumni Association!

Patricia Riveire Stumpf on the DeVault Alumni Center Terrace.

As I reflect on the past year, I am proud to be part of a new generation of leaders across all campuses at Indiana University—leaders who continue to guide us through the new world of work in which innovation, inclusivity, and resourcefulness are both essential and prioritized. All we’ve endured as a global community has made IU more resilient, and it’s exciting that IU alumni are making a difference not only close to home, but in every corner of the world.

During these recent times of uncertainty, the IU Alumni Association, like many organizations, sought and found strategies that will keep us relevant now and in the future. Our mission to activate and support our global alumni network remains ever true, and I am honored to showcase within these pages the inspiring work we have undertaken together.

In this report, you will read about progress and accomplishments across a wide array of engagement opportunities, vibrant communities, and proud recognition programs. You will see that our financial footing is solid. And you will learn that we are focused on initiatives that welcome and include all.

In everything we do, we want you to know that you are welcome here.

As we move forward with our mission, we will, as always, listen to our alumni. As their wants and needs evolve, we will adapt our offerings—providing them with meaningful ways to stay connected with the IUAA and IU for a lifetime.

I am grateful and humbled to be a leader in IU’s effort to engage alumni. Thank you for your interest and investment in the IU Alumni Association.

For the Glory of IU,

—Patricia Riveire Stumpf, MS’07

We are pursuing an ambitious future for Indiana University—a future that continues to put our students first. And after our students graduate and become alumni, all of us take pride in seeing them use the skills and knowledge gained at IU to contribute in countless ways to the civic, economic, and cultural lives of communities in Indiana, across the nation, and around the world.

—Pamela Whitten, Indiana University President

Highlights of Strategic Initiatives

The IU Alumni Association made significant progress in the 2021–22 fiscal year on a wide range of strategic initiatives. In the following pages, we focus on a few of those advances.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

Kimberly Merritt, BA’95, left, managing director of alumni relations at the IUPUI Office of Alumni Relations, and Kareema Boykin, MSW’06, recipient of the 2021 Maynard K. Hine Medal, share a smile at the 2022 Alumni Leaders Dinner in Indianapolis.

Building a foundation

Of IUAA’s three strategic priorities in its 2021–25 organizational plan, cultivating belonging is a critical throughline: Without a sense of belonging, success in other strategic areas will be limited.

“It became clear in our most recent strategic planning work that we couldn’t truly understand and excel in cultivating belonging across our many IU alumni communities if we didn’t unpack what it means to ‘belong’—or to feel you don’t belong,” says IUAA CEO, Patricia Riveire Stumpf, MS’07.

In fiscal year 2021–22, IUAA staff and leadership embraced and examined issues of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging—or DEIB—with an intentional, multi-faceted approach. The goal: To better understand and interpret unconscious, personal, and other biases and to offer a more diverse, open, accessible organization for all.

To create a governance structure that provides long-term accountability for DEIB efforts, the IUAA chartered a permanent DEIB committee on IUAA’s Executive Council. Additionally, the IUAA established a DEIB staff advisory group to provide counsel and guidance to IUAA staff as they implement DEIB best practices across existing and new programming. The staff advisory group also monitors the strategies and tactics undertaken as part of the Association’s “cultivate belonging” priority.

“There is no ‘done’ when it comes to our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging,” says Riveire Stumpf. “We’ll always be learning and growing.”

I always say that diversity, equity, inclusion, access, belonging, and justice work is not the sole responsibility of DEI professionals. It is what we all should be about, especially those at the highest levels of leadership.

—Etta Ward, BA’95,MA’08, IUAA Executive Council member
Vi Simpson, LLB’94, LHD’13, left, past chair of IUAA’s Board of Managers, and Yung Nguyen, BS’89, MD’95, manager at large of the Board of Managers, visit during the 2021 Winter Executive Council Weekend.

Working toward a culture of change

The IUAA has committed to go well beyond a check-the-boxes approach to diversity. The organization and the people it serves demand more. The IU alumni body becomes more diverse with every graduating class, and for the IUAA to retain its relevance and advance its mission, the organization must consider and appreciate the backgrounds and interests of all alumni.

“We have a responsibility to our past and future graduates to create spaces, events, and relationships in which they feel a strong sense of belonging. Ours is a welcoming alumni community, and nurturing all of our alumni must be part of our culture at every level of the organization and in every facet of our work,” says Vi Simpson, LLB’94, LHD’13, past chair of the IUAA Board of Managers and longtime IUAA advocate.

The IUAA has invested in multiple DEIB training and development opportunities. In fiscal year 2021–22, supervisors took part in a leadership dialogue series that covered topics such as inclusive engagement, mentoring, and privilege/power as it relates to the workplace. The staff also engaged in trainings on belonging, empathy, implicit bias, colorism, and identities.

With these tools and resources, staff and volunteers are exploring the complexities of culture, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. The IUAA is considering differing experiences and critically challenging the status quo by exploring ways that systemic discrimination, biases, and injustices impact our alumni, staff, and volunteers.

One of the voices guiding this work is Etta Ward, BA’95, MA’08, IUAA Executive Council member and assistant vice chancellor for research development in IUPUI’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. “I can honestly say that IUAA leaders have stepped up and are doing this work in a bold, authentic, and genuine way,” says Ward. “Of course, things are not perfect. In fact, it is quite messy at times. Yet they persist.”

The IUAA’s strategies and practices, Ward says, are normalizing inclusive ways of doing and being, moving the Association from an organization of passive bystanders to active agents of change.

I am so pleased to be part of work that IU knows is so vitally important: That people feel they belong and are included, however they identify. Beyond the written commitment, there is a culture of intentionality at IUAA that speaks to this and gives it momentum to push forward, even when the work is challenging.

—Martin Vargas, BS’94, Chair-elect of IUAA Board of Managers

IU is Everywhere

Alumni engagement happens all over the globe in many settings—on campuses and in schools, at regional chapter events and informal gatherings, at athletics and cultural events, around town and on vacation, and, of course, online. Harnessing the power of the alumni network means acknowledging these multiple forms of alumni engagement and leveraging the position and resources of the IUAA to support it.

We have learned—through research and strategic change—that the IUAA’s best recipe for deepening alumni loyalty and strengthening alumni relations is to help alumni access the IU people, places, and things that made their student experiences special, while creating a consistent, personal alumni experience that can be just as memorable.

The IUAA has been making strategic investments in new methods and tools to do just that.

The Virtual Alumni Network, or VAN, fosters organic, alumni-to-alumni connection. It transforms an expansive alumni network into intentional, accessible, and meaningful communities to connect IU alumni with the people and information most relevant to their IU experiences. Members can join online groups based on IU-centric topics, interests, and industries, and they can make professional connections with fellow alumni. Our IU partners can create groups specifically for alumni of their school to engage with students and alumni. Within months of launching, the VAN had more than 1,800 members in 26 countries.

Internally, the IUAA has added a volunteer module in our university-wide alumni database, Crimson, that allows support of more alumni through individual volunteerism. This new tool elevates overall volunteer efforts by connecting alumni with the IU volunteer opportunities, both virtually and in-person, that are most meaningful to them, no matter where they live. Schools and campuses across IU are now able to see who has raised a hand to help, and volunteers experience a consistent process with all advancement partners.

Strengthening alumni relations across IU is a priority for the Alumni Association. By partnering with our advancement colleagues on all campuses, we provide a space to build community, share best practices, and invest in tools that support their work engaging alumni. This work is integral to connecting all alumni back to the university and fulfilling our mission.

—Connie Billett, IUAA Director of Alumni Relationslumni Engagement

Formally defined, rewarding volunteer roles that are endorsed and valued by IU and support its mission and strategic goals.


Meaningful experiences that inspire alumni, are valued by IU, promote its mission, celebrate its achievements, and strengthen its reputation.


Diverse opportunities for alumni to make philanthropic investments that are meaningful to the donor and support IU’s mission and strategic goals.


Interactive, meaningful, and informative communication with alumni that support IU’s mission, strategic goals, and reputation.

Making Connections at the Heart of Personal Enrichment

From the inside out, the IUAA team divides the different ways alumni engage with one another and their alma mater into four domains of engagement: personal enrichment; professional enrichment; spirit, pride, and tradition; and university citizenship and advocacy. Audience engagement drives the development of these core areas.

The personal enrichment domain includes some of the IUAA’s most popular and well-known programming, including Mini University, the Lifelong Learning Program, IU Travels, and the Virtual Book Club. This domain saw noteworthy growth in fiscal year 2021–22 as staff applied lessons learned from the pandemic and capitalized on growth opportunities, including more people outside Indiana participating on virtual platforms.

Flags honoring Mini University greet participants of the 50th annual gathering of lifelong learners.

Mini University Turns 50

June 2022 marked the 50th gathering of participants drawn to IU’s Bloomington campus each summer for Mini University, a week of exemplary educational and personal enrichment activities that embody the value of lifelong learning.

IU’s world-renowned faculty and a compelling array of course offerings are the main draw for adults of all ages, IU alum or not, to take part in this diverse, deeply personal experience—minus homework, tests, and the dreaded pop quizzes. The social bonds and sense of community are the reasons many participants return.

Ranked by Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel as one of the best learning vacations in the country, Mini University was conceived in 1972. Over the years, the program has evolved and stayed relevant as organizers continually respond to participants’ feedback.

“Mini U is a magical mix of outstanding faculty, groundbreaking research across a wide spectrum of topics, the thrill of returning ‘home again’ to Indiana, and an attentive audience with a ravenous appetite for learning,” said Melissa Nam, IUAA associate director of alumni programs. “Fifty years and counting of this much-beloved program that is an intensely, and uniquely, IU experience—what could be more special than that?”

One of my favorite parts about lecturing for Mini U and other IUAA programs, such as Lifelong Learning and Winter College, is the audience’s enthusiasm for learning. I feel fortunate to be able to join them for a lively and stimulating journey into knowledge. It is always a great pleasure to share my interests and expertise with a large audience of engaged lifelong learners.

—Mark Canada, BA’89, IU Kokomo chancellor
Longtime IU career development leader and Bicentennial Medal awardee Janice Wiggins, BA’71, MS’75, left, visits with IU Trustee Jeremy Morris, BA’05, MS’07, JD’14, at the 2022 Jazz Brunch in Indianapolis.

Jazz Brunch Celebrates Community

Jazz Brunch, an annual gathering presented by the Neal-Marshall Alumni Club, celebrates the achievements of Black/African American alumni from all IU campuses.

The Rising Star and Alumni Achievement Awards presented during the event recognize IU alumni who have achieved excellence in their chosen field or have made significant contributions to their communities.

The event—held most recently at the Madame C.J. Walker Legacy Center in Indianapolis—also features the “Black in Business” pop-up market, a talk-of-the-town social scene, live music performed by IU alumni, and a catered brunch.

“Jazz Brunch is designed for those with the Black American experience/identity, using spaces and vendors that understand and respect the historical perspective of Black Americans, especially those who have a shared experience of being Black while attending IU,” says Leah McRath-Hinton, PD’16, IUAA director of affinity engagement

Staged in conjunction with the Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration, Jazz Brunch supports the Neal-Marshall Alumni Club and the local Indianapolis community.

This event will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2023.

Belonging is more than accepting an invitation. A sense of belonging happens when you are in a space that has been curated with your identity in mind.

—Leah McRath-Hinton, PD’16, IUAA director of Affinity Engagement

Book Club, Anyone?

For a cadre of dedicated bibliophiles, the IUAA’s Virtual Book Club is just the right mix of tradition and technology joining forces to offer alumni a low-barrier entry point into the personal enrichment domain: Read a little, chat a little, and connect with other IU alumni, without having to overcommit.

“Book club motivates me to read things outside my regular reading. I am able to discuss with others their opinions and views. It introduces me to new authors, new fields, and new genres. It’s like being back at IU once again, taking new classes,” says one participant.

Participants find the Virtual Book Club through a variety of ways: an email from the IUAA, a Facebook post, an ad in the Alumni Insider e-newsletter, or a reference from a friend. After a simple sign-up process, members can see what the group is reading, read along, take part in a facilitated chat or a virtual author talk, and then start all over again with a new title.

Technology Advances Alumni Engagement Experience

The Advancement Solutions Project and the MyIU website redesign are two recently completed technology projects that deliver more intentional, personalized, and efficient advancement experiences to alumni, donors, and friends. These enhanced experiences are part of the effort to inspire lifetime loyalty and support of IU.

Advancement Solutions Project

Led by the IU Foundation and the IU Alumni Association, the Advancement Solutions Project, or ASP, put in place technology tools—Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and Cirrus Identity Platform—that transform the advancement experience at Indiana University. The goals of the initiative are:

  • Improve marketing and engagement to deliver alumni and donor communications that are streamlined, personalized, and coordinated.
  • Improve e-commerce to ensure transactions are efficient, flexible, and user-friendly.
  • Create single sign-on opportunities for users, eliminating disparate logins for different alumni-related sites and making it easier for alumni and donors to access their information.
  • Develop and support a community of IU staff that is audience-driven, collaborative, and innovative.

A cross-functional, collaborative team of IUAA, IUF, and IU experts, along with Salesforce and other third-party representatives, completed the project in 18 months. The team represents several IUAA and IUF functions, including marketing and annual giving, information technology, account administration, alumni relations, and development.

My IU Website Redesign

The IUAA’s update of offers four sections of functionality and content that work together to create an improved digital experience at IU’s primary alumni and donor engagement site:

  • The Giving section offers an e-commerce experience comparable to most online stores. Users can search, filter, and sort to easily discover funds. A “quick give” option offers a shortcut for those who already know what they want to support.
  • The Alumni Resources section offers the IUAA’s most requested resources, all in one convenient spot. This section includes access to alumni networks and communities, the Class Notes form, popular services like alumni email, and links to IU resources like campus maps and transcript request forms. Those who sign in have access to the IU Alumni Magazine and nearly 10 years of its archives. There’s also access to the Alumni Directory.
  • The Events section continues to offer the same central IU Advancement calendar with an updated style to match the rest of the site.
  • The IU Stories section includes all the features from the previous Pride of IU site, allowing readers to immerse themselves in a variety of great IU-relevant content.

“The IU Alumni Association has long offered helpful content, engaging resources, and events to alumni and friends. Now—in collaboration with the IU Foundation—it’s all in an easily accessible location with a brand-new giving site,” says Patricia Riveire Stumpf, CEO of the IU Alumni Association. “We are excited for our users to easily find what they need, encounter new opportunities, and continue engaging with the university they love.”

Investing in Students

IUAA student scholarships are an investment in the future Indiana University. They are a bridge, a way to pay it forward with a deep appreciation for the lifelong value of education.

“Assisting today’s student leaders in successfully achieving an IU education ensures the world of tomorrow will be in good hands,” says Lynn Lewis, BS’66, MS’82, past chair of the IUAA Board of Managers and longtime scholarship donor.

For many donors, including Lewis, supporting scholarships reflects their gratitude for the gifts of time and treasure others invested in their education. “It is my small attempt to repay all that my IU education has done for me,” Lewis says.

One of IUAA’s most prestigious scholarship opportunities is the Student Fellows program, which combines support for students’ education with the opportunity for them to gain real-world professional experience.

The program directly involves IUB and IUPUI student leaders in the work of the IU Alumni Association. As they serve beside IUAA staff in areas such as development, marketing, and alumni communities, the students gain meaningful experience. The program benefits students as they prepare to enter the professional world, and it instills in them a lifelong connection to Indiana University.

Scholar in action

Meet Dhvani Ghael, an IU senior from Surat, India. She is one of seven Student Fellows serving the IU Alumni Association on the Bloomington and IUPUI campuses. Each receives a scholarship and earns wages while working with a mentor as part of the IUAA team.

A Kelley School of Business student, Ghael majors in marketing and digital and social media business applications. She also serves as the president of the Student Alumni Association.

Her IUAA experience, she says, has been an invaluable learning experience, boosting her professional skills and advancing her career development.

“Being the president of the IU Student Alumni Association has changed me into a positive, confident, and social leader,” Ghael says. “It has helped me discover internal leadership qualities I didn’t know I was capable of.”

The IUAA lets its Fellows give birth to beautiful ideas and bring them to fruition by nurturing and respecting those ideas. I am proud of my work as a Student Fellow and am honored to be a part of an organization that truly listens and respects a diversity of thoughts.

—Dhvani Ghael, Class of 2023, IUAA Student Fellow

Review of Key Programs, Metrics

This section highlights the reach of the IUAA’s alumni-engagement efforts and reports on the organization’s revenue and financial picture.

Partners Offer Value to Alumni, Boost Revenue

In fiscal year 2021–22, the IUAA conducted a request for proposal process on insurance products, ultimately signing contracts with two partners: Farmers Insurance and

Farmers Insurance offers alumni savings on auto and home insurance. With more than 11,000 agents nationwide, Farmers Insurance can respond to the needs of most IU alumni in the United States. In addition to home and auto, they offer insurance for boats, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, personal watercraft, off-road vehicles, and snowmobiles.

LifeQuotes provides easy access to comparative quotes for life insurance, so that customers save time and money. IU alumni can obtain instant quotes from dozens of leading insurance companies, achieve maximum savings, and have the freedom to buy from any company quoted. IUAA receives $200 for every signed life insurance application.

“We are excited to work with a life-insurance partner that can quote many insurance companies at once, giving our alumni at varying ages and health conditions their best opportunity for low premiums without the sales pressure,” says IUAA Executive Director of Finance and Business Operations Sarah Pike, BS’14.

Both partners are new to working with the IU Alumni Association; their offerings became available July 1, 2022.

The IUAA continues to have strong relationships with other corporate partners, including Bank of America, which offers two IU-branded credit cards—one with the IU trident, the other with IUPUI Jaguar spots.

Overall, corporate partnership programs yielded just under $2.3 million to the IUAA, and the revenue supported a variety of programs, including scholarships for IU students. The income from partnerships represented 23 percent of fiscal year 2021–22 total revenue.

Scholarship Support

The IU Collegiate License Plate Program provides a great way for alumni to show their IU spirit. More than 40,000 IU lovers sport IU plates in Indiana. The program is the funding source for the IUAA Scholars Program, which awards scholarships to more than 30 students each school year.

Fiscal Year Financials

As it did in the prior fiscal year, the pandemic impacted the IUAA’s annual operating budget. A return to in-person IUAA activities in August 2021 was a positive development, but participation was down from previous years as people familiarized themselves with COVID-19 protocols and found their personal comfort level in public settings.

The IUAA’s budget showed an increase in both revenue and expense as participation in events grew steadily over the year. The costs of producing events went back to more typical, pre-pandemic levels, with event revenue rebounding at a slower pace. Our cautious return to travel in fiscal year 2021–22 left the organization $230,000 under budget in related expenses.

After a yearlong hiring freeze, the IUAA had multiple vacant staff positions to fill in fiscal year 2021–22. That backlog of openings, amidst a challenging recruiting environment, meant our annual personnel expenses were well under budget for the year.

Related to revenue, the fiscal year saw a continuation with a decadelong decline in contributions to the IUAA’s member program.

Overall, both expenses and revenue were lower than budgeted amounts—expenses more so. The result was an operating surplus of more than $450,000 for fiscal year 2021–22. Now that in-person events and travel are resuming and open staff positions are being filled, the IUAA expects that fiscal year 2022–23 actual results will be more typical and closer to break-even.