Gertrude Rich Award

Acknowledging outstanding alumnae

The Gertrude Rich Award was first presented in 1972 to Ruth Kivett Smith, BA/BS’39.  There have been 44 women honored with the award given in memory of Gertrude Rich, the wife of Claude Rich, chief executive of the IU Alumni Association from 1948-1968. It is given to IUAA women volunteer leaders who have provided significant guidance to and impact on alumni programs or communities.

Make a Nomination for the Gertrude Rich Award

Eligibility for Award
  • Only living women, regardless of attending or graduating from IU, are eligible.
  • The nominee must be an engaged member of the IU community. Their recent history should reflect financial and volunteer support benefiting IU, IUAA, or an IUAA chapter, affiliate group, or constituent society.
Nominations and Selection
  • Nominations will be submitted to the IUAA in January and February of each year.
  • Honorees will be selected by a committee consisting of members of the Leadership Team appointed by the CAO.
  • It is suggested that the awards be made to individuals from as many communities, campuses, and backgrounds as possible.  
  • The awards shall be given at the awards banquet held in conjunction with the Alumni Leaders Weekend each year.
  • Award recipients must be present at the banquet.