Work with a Career Coach

Invest in career coaching

Whether you’re a recent grad or a seasoned professional, working one-on-one with a career coach has major perks—thought-provoking conversations and career-elevating exercises all tailored to you.

The IUAA offers three types of coaching:

Professional success coaching focuses on how to maximize your professional performance and brand.

Career transition coaching focuses on the job search from start to finish. This type of career coaching can also help you successfully pivot from one career field to another.

Leadership coaching focuses on understanding the impact of your leadership style and identifying how to increase your team’s engagement, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

What to expect

Career coaching is a partnership between coach and client that begins with a mutually agreed-upon goal and agenda. In your one-on-one sessions, you can expect a mix of thought-provoking questions from your coach, expert advice, and relevant resources. Each coaching session will conclude with a recap of the main objectives and actionable steps for the client.

Career coaching services are fee-based.

Meet the coaches

The IUAA has partnered with top career coaches within the IU network. These coaches, many of whom are IU alumni as well as current and former IU staff, bring years of experience (and a variety of specialties) to the table.

Looking to revamp your résumé? We have a coach that specializes in résumé writing. Want to negotiate your salary? We have a coach who can teach you how.

Each career coaching partnership begins with a free 15-minute introductory phone call. This is where you’ll discuss your career goals with your coach and the cost for the service.

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Free career resources

The IUAA offers webcasts and e-courses at no cost to alumni.


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