Recruit Students to IU

Represent IU at a college fair

We love to have a presence at college fairs, but the IU admissions staff can’t get to them all. We could use your help!

When you volunteer to help out at a college fair in your area, you’ll serve as IU’s representative. We’ll send you all the materials you need in advance. All you have to do is show up and be ready to talk about IU with interested students and parents.

Adopt a school in your area

You can sign up to be a designated alumni recruiter for a high school in your area.

You’ll serve as the designated resource for prospective IU students at that school for the entire school year. You’ll receive rosters of all admitted students so you can let them know you’re ready and willing to help whenever they need it.

Get your chapter to host an event

Show admitted students just how spirited IU alumni are by hosting a chapter event in their honor.

The nature of the event is up to your chapter, but we suggest pairing it with a big game or scholarship event. And all you have to do is be prepared to share what you love about the IU experience.

Get started

The Alumni Student Recruitment program is managed through the Office of Admissions. To learn more, visit the Office of Admissions Alumni Student Recruitment website or email