Class Listing

The Arts

  • Celebrating American Holidays with Charles Ives – Peter Burkholder
  • Fibers Revealed – Carissa Carman
  • Johnny Hartman: The Last Balladeer. – Rachel Caswell
  • Up Close: The Glenn Close Costume Collection – Deb Christiansen & Kelly Richardson
  • Bob Dylan and 1963: Times A-Changin – Glenn Gass
  • Cruise Ship Entertainment Management – Trish Hausmann
  • Aesthetic Interactions Between Music and Visual Arts in the 20th Century – Orit Hilewicz
  • Surrealism at the Eskenazi Museum of Art – Danielle Johnson
  • Anti-Lynching Art and Community Memory – Alex Lichtenstein
  • Designing with Dyes: Textiles in Africa – Allison Martino
  • Behind the Curtain: America's 2nd Largest Theatrical Stage and Its Wonder! – Gwyn Richards
  • Becoming the Impressionists – Galina Olmsted
  • The Monumental Architectural Design and Building Period, Projects and Process of the Major New and Remodeled Projects on the Indiana University Bloomington Campus since 2007 – Bob Richardson

Business, Computing, and Technology

  • Is the Internet Out of Control? – Fred Cate
  • How Songs, Sports, Stories and Suppers Can Save America: Cultural Bridges That Bond Us – Timothy Fort
  • Rome Reborn: How and Why We Reconstructed Ancient Rome in 3D – Bernie Frischer
  • Digital Transformation: The Future of Mind & Machine Partnerships – Vijay Khatri
  • Leading Yourself through Challenging Times – Ray Luther
  • Everything You Need to Know About Ethics Was NOT Learned in Kindergarten – Josh Perry
  • Cybersecurity and Cyber Peace in an Unstable World – Scott Schakelford

Domestic Issues

  • Gaslighting: Lessons in How to Fight Concept Creep – Kate Abramson
  • Food Insecurity and Older Adults in Rural Indiana – Angela Babb
  • Just Shoot Me: What the Supreme Court and Lower Courts Are Doing With the Second Amendment and What It Means for Public Safety in America – Beth Cate
  • Building Climate Resilience into Hoosier Communities and Businesses – Gabriel Filippelli
  • The 2024 Elections (Already!): Will It Be Trump v Biden, and if Not, Then Who? – Margie Hershey
  • Unprotected and Afraid: The Shadow Pandemic of Domestic Violence Homicide in the United States – Nica Serena Kousaleos
  • Media: News, Business & the Future – Marty Pieratt
  • Land Race: Examining Indiana University’s Growth Amid a Patchwork of Racially-restricted Land  – John Summerlot

Education, Health, and Human Development

  • What Can Animals Tell Us about Human Cognition? – Jon Crystal
  • Parents and Grandparents’ Role in Kids’ and Teens’ Sexuality Education – Debra Herbenick
  • Back into the Icebox: Snow, Sleet, and Freezing Rain – Cody Kirkpatrick
  • Walking Well: Making Every "Step" Count – Michelle Miller
  • Habits or Diets: What Works Best When It Comes to “Good Eats?” – Carla Miller
  • Walking Well: Making Every “Step” Count – Michelle Miller
  • Shingles Doesn’t Care: The Long-Standing Evolutionary Battle of the Chickenpox/Shingles Virus with the Human Immune System – Patricia Foster
  • Sexual Health, Chronic Illness, and Disabilities; What Do I Need to Know? – Jennifer Piatt
  • Synesthesia: For Some of Us, Ice Cream Tastes Blue – Mark Ronan
  • Death with Dignity: Physician Aid in Dying in Indiana – Rob Stone
  • Sexuality and Aging: Embracing Change – Bill Yarber


  • The Role of Espionage in Winning the American Revolution – Gene Coyle
  • The Greatest Novel's Guidance for Finding Joy in Life – Richard Gunderman
  • America's Writers: Works, Quirks, and Jerks – Mark Canada
  • Religion and the Birth of Science: Finding Your Place in the Universe – Andrew Koke
  • Why the American Civil War Will Always Be with Us – Jim Madison
  • Documenting and Archiving Your Family History – Ron Osgood
  • What Did Frederick Douglass Really Think of Lincoln? Analyzing an Unconventional Tribute – John Schilb
  • Land, Wealth, Liberation: Public Memory, Difficult Histories and Liberating Futures – Willa Tavernier
  • Ancient Egypt and New Technology – Steve Vinson
  • The Hidden Hand: Antisemitism, Conspiracy Theory, and the Campaign against Evolutionary Science – Carl Weinberg
  • Philosophy and Literature: Visions of Citizenship from Ancient Athens to Today – Michael Weinman

International Affairs

  • Partition Plots – Purnima Bose
  • Contesting Memories in Germany – Irit Dekel
  • Earthquake Disaster in Turkey and Syria: Making Sense of the Incomprehensible – Michael Hamburger
  • Conflict and Diplomacy in the Middle East – Feisal Istrabadi
  • Combatting Human Trafficking Globally & Locally – Eli Konwest