Class Listing

The Arts

  • When Music Tells the Story: Song and Dance in Hindi Cinema – Mahasweta Baxipatra
  • Film Screening & Short Lecture: Some Like It Hot - Timothy Bell
  • The Sassy Sarah Vaughan – Rachel Caswell
  • Fibers Revealed - Encore! – Carissa Carman
  • It Started with a Dress: Unraveling the Mystery of an 1879 Alum – Deb Christiansen, Lori Frye, Kelly Richardson
  • Handle with Care: Cultivating Wellbeing Among Student Musicians – Frank Diaz
  • From Tune to Tone Poem – Don Freund
  • Leonard Bernstein’s Music and Social Change – Connie Glen
  • Celebration of Jazz Artists on Television: U.S. and Abroad – Tom Hustad
  • Ancient Jewelry – Juliet Istrabadi
  • The Diadem in the Crown of the IMU: The Webb-Ehrlich Great Organ of Alumni Hall - Andrew Jirele and Matthew Benkert
  • How to Research World War II Looted Art – Jenny McComas
  • Adapting a Personal Story into a Documentary Film – Ron Osgood
  • Music Special Collections That Tell IU’s Story – Phil Ponella and Misti Shaw
  • Behind the Curtain: America’s 2nd Largest Theatrical Stage and Its Wonder! – Gwyn Richards and Cathy Compton
  • The Mies van der Rohe Building: History and Tour – Adam Thies
  • Reimagining a Nutcracker – Sarah Wroth

Business and Technology

  • The Uncommon Life of Elinor Ostrom – Emily Castle, Scott Shackelford, Michael McGinnis
  • AI-Based Digital Humans – Alan Dennis
  • Economics of the Deadly Sins – Gerhard Glomm
  • Jumpstarting the Workforce – Phillip Powell
  • Life of a Book: Book Publishing 101 – IU Press
  • Technology Driven Justice Environments: Is AI a Realistic Possibility? – Angie Raymond
  • Ancient Egypt and New Technology: The New Field of Digital Egyptology – Steve Vinson

Domestic Issues

  • The Upcoming 2024 Election: What to Expect – Margie Hershey and Leslie Lenkowsky
  • The Story of “Our House”: History and Tour of Neal-Marshall Black Culture Center - Gloria Howell and Nancy Cross-Harris
  • Misconceptions: Fertility Fraud as a Legal Case Study – Jody Madeira
  • A Cup Half-Full in Times of Despair: Immigration Activism, Latinos, and Messages of Peril and Promise – Vanessa Cruz Nichols
  • Guided Tour of Memorial Stadium – Kurt Pangborn
  • Update on the US Supreme Court – Steve Sanders
  • Winning Fairness for Pregnant Workers: The Sixty-Year Path to a New Civil Right – Deborah Widiss

Education, Health, and Human Development

  • Paws on Patrol: Indiana University Police Department K9 Unit – Rob Botts and Ryan Skaggs
  • Longitudinal Problem-Solving Strategies for Dementia: The Green Theory – Malaz Boustani
  • Understanding Gender Diversity and How Social Interactions Impact Gender-Diverse Individuals – Richard Brandon-Friedman
  • Beth and Fred’s Wild Kingdom – Beth Cate and Fred Cate
  • Getting Unstuck: Accelerating Climate Action in Hoosier Communities – Therese Dorau
  • Residents in the Hospital: It's Not like Scrubs or ER – Katherine Hiller and Kathleen Zoppi
  • Veteran Trauma & Transparency – John Keesler and Todd Burkhardt
  • Doctor, My Eyes (Have Seen the Years) – Susan Kovacich
  • From Clinic to Cartel to the Street: How Fentanyl Became a National Scourge – Bruce Martin
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Super-Agers – Michelle Miller
  • Breast Cancer in Men and Women – Harikrishna Nakshatri


  • Literature of the Sea – Mark Canada
  • Broadcasting Unplugged: A Backstage Pass to WFIU and WTIU Studios - Scott Carmichael
  • Why Is “Socialism” Still a Bad Word in America?: American Christianity and the Labor Movement, 1880-present – Janine Giordano Drake
  • The History and Mystery of the World’s First Pandemic – Colin Elliott
  • Srikandi: Indonesia’s Woman Warrior – Jennifer Goodlander
  • How Can a Book Help Us Lead Better Lives? – Richard Gunderman
  • The Rise of Witchcraft and the Little Ice Age: A Story of Unintended Consequences – Andrew Koke
  • My Heroes in the Struggle for Racial Justice – Jim Madison
  • World War II Maps: A Glimpse into the Herman B Wells Library Map Collection – Theresa Quill
  • IU Architectural Tour: The Campus Across Time – Eric Sandweiss
  • The Lincoln-Douglas Debates – John Schilb
  • Camouflaged: The Military History of Indiana University – John Summerlot
  • Free Speech, “Hate Speech,” and Campus Culture Wars – Carl Weinberg

International Affairs

  • Tanzania: Steward of Biodiversity and Human Evolution – Bill Bennett
  • Franklin in France: Diplomat, Celebrity, Spy, and Flirt – Mark Canada and Gene Coyle
  • Women in Espionage of the 20th Century – Gene Coyle
  • Diplomacy and Conflict in the Middle East - Ambassador Feisal Istrabadi
  • Russia-Ukraine War: Update and Prospects for Resolution – Robert Kravchuk