Groups Alumni Association

Welcome, Groups Alumni!

In cooperation with the IU Alumni Association, the Groups Alumni Association facilitates reunion, growth, and the continued success of the IU Groups Student Support Services by organizing its alumni and current students for mutual benefit and to support Indiana University.

The GAA alumni are comprised of those who have shared the IU Groups Student Support Service experience as past or present staff, students, parents, recommenders, ambassadors, mentors, IU advisory council members, and friends—those who have been and continue to be part of the Groups family. All alumni of the Groups Program are considered members of the IU Groups Alumni Association.


The amazing support we received as Groups students is part of each of our success stories. We also understand the importance of giving back! Groups students want to be involved with you, and we hope that you will share your success with our students. Meaningful contact between Groups students, graduates, and networking beyond graduation will be a meaningful measure of our success as the GAA moves forward!

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Share your ideas for the Groups Alumni Association. Attend a meeting. Drop us a note about your recent career and/or personal success. We want to hear from you!

We invite you to reach out to us. Contact a member of our team!

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Create opportunities for the next generation

The Groups Alumni Association scholarship fund serves undergraduate African American, Latino, and Native American students. The fund derives its name from the 43 students of color who started Indiana University’s Groups Student Support Services Program in the fall of 1968. This scholarship fund’s mission is to carry on the can-do spirit of Group 43 and all other students who have come through the Groups Program.

We are asking alumni, parents, and friends of the Groups Program to each make a pledge to contribute $43 to this fund. Please submit your donations, made payable to “Groups 43 Scholarship,” to: Groups Alumni Association, 1000 E. 17th St., Bloomington, IN 47405.