Groups Alumni Association

Welcome, Groups Alumni!

The Groups Alumni Association promotes connection, growth, and continued success of the IU Groups Student Support Services by organizing GAA alumni and current students for networking and to advance the interests of Indiana University.

The GAA is made up of students, parents, past and present staff, recommenders, ambassadors, mentors, IU advisory council members, and friends—those who have been and continue to be part of the Groups family.

All alumni of the Groups Scholars Program are considered members of the Groups Alumni Association.


The support that students receive in the Groups Scholars Program becomes part of their success story, and it is where they learn the importance of giving back. Groups students want to be involved with Groups alumni, and we hope that you will share your success with them.

Significant interaction between Groups students and Groups alumni will be a telling measure of our success as the GAA moves forward.

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We encourage you to share your ideas with the GAA. Attend a meeting. Drop us a note. Tell us about your recent career and/or personal success.

We want to hear from you. Contact a member of our team at!

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You’re one of us—and IU is stronger because of your participation as a Groups Scholar! Each Groups Scholar carries the strength and determination of those who fought and continue to fight for the success of this incredibly important program. An alumni association is only as strong as its members, and the Groups Alumni Association is now nearly 12,000 strong!

The Groups Alumni Association, an affiliate organization of the Indiana University Alumni Association, is here to help you continue your lifelong connection with Indiana University. Your involvement is the foundation of support for the Groups Scholars Program and is a means to stay involved and engaged with other Groups alumni.