Alumni Awards

Nomination Procedure: Outstanding Young Singing Hoosiers Alumni Award

  1. Any individual or ensemble whose members were performing members of the Singing Hoosiers for at least two years.
  2. Any individual or ensemble whose members served as resource persons for the Singing Hoosiers—such as choreographer, arranger, technician, or teaching assistant.
  3. Any individual or ensemble whose members served as directors for the Singing Hoosiers.

  1. Candidate(s) must be under the age of 35.
  2. Candidate(s) must have achieved significant recognition or accomplishment through professional achievement, community service, or university service.
  3. Recipient(s) will accept the award in person at the Singing Hoosiers Annual Recognition Alumni Awards Banquet when possible.

Potential candidates will be identified through staff research or through nominations made by board members, other Singing Hoosiers alumni, or any outside sources.

The Outstanding Young Singing Hoosiers candidates will be selected at the annual meeting of the Singing Hoosiers Awards Committee.

The nomination should be submitted by Aug. 31 to be considered for the award given in the ensuing calendar year and mailed to: IU Alumni Association, Singing Hoosiers Alumni Council, Virgil T. DeVault Alumni Center, 1000 E. 17th St., Bloomington, IN 47408-1521

The nomination shall be in letter form and must contain:

  1. Name of nominee(s)
  2. Nature of nominee(s’) field or public service
  3. Name and address of nominator

Nominations remain in effect for three consecutive years. After that they may be renewed for an additional three-year term, observing eligibility requirements.

Nominations are to remain confidential.

Nominate an alum

Know someone who’d be a worthy honoree? The nomination form will allow nominations for either award. Nominations must be received by Aug. 31 to be considered for the current year. Please be sure to fill in all fields.

Past Recipients

  • 1980: George F. Krueger; Robert E. Stoll
  • 1981: Donald Thiele
  • 1982: Roger A. Fortna
  • 1983: Robert W. Demaree, Jr.
  • 1984: Jerauld J. Reinhart
  • 1985: Walter H. Lamble
  • 1986: Earl G. Rivers, Jr.
  • 1987: Richard L. Jeager, Robert E. Williams
  • 1988: Jane (Janie) M. Fricke; Stephanie L. Reider Rivers-Rawlings
  • 1989: John B. Egan
  • 1990: Bruce A. Hubbard; Elizabeth C. Krueger; Christel J. Stoll
  • 1991: Robert W. Grimes; Nancy Barnet White; Allen R. White
  • 1992: David N. Davenport
  • 1993: Albert (Al) S. Cobine; Michael L. Schwartzkopf
  • 1994: Deanna Allen Demes; George A. Hill, III; Amy Edgeworth Hill
  • 1995: Cynthia M. Gleich; Kenneth E. Greenhouse; John D. Stevenson
  • 1996: Linda M. (Gwen) Arment; Alan R. Billingsley; Kent A. Newbury
  • 1997: J. Kevin Butler; W. Dick Luchtman; Mark F. Wheeler
  • 1998: Nancy A. Goebel; Scott W. Reeve; Martha Orr Swisher
  • 1999: Charles E. Duke; Brian D. Farrell; Constance V. Martin
  • 2000: Sarah Evans Barker; Nancy S. Bond; Everett S. Bradley; David E. Eisler; Joseph (Joey) K. Singer
  • 2001: Janey Clewer Gaitson; Charles H. Greenwood
  • 2002: Thomas R. Ensor; Sara E. Reid; Nathan E. Thomas
  • 2003: David E. Huggins; Kathy Hyde Parker
  • 2004: Rebekah Kramer Demaree; Robert Demaree; Barry Phillips
  • 2005: Joseph M. Berman; Jean Maiyo Fortna; Charles Grizzle; Janice Hofer-Redick; Frederick C. Mann, III; Tracy Markin Thomas
  • 2006: Paula Legget Chase; Karl J. Eigsti; Dennis M. James; Elise Suppan Overcash
  • 2007: Pamela Hamill; Katherine “Kit” Field Kruger; Daniel Narducci; Kathy Thiel Rice; Ali S.H. Tuet
  • 2008: David Holcenberg; Rick McCown; Douglas Webster; Lisa Williamson
  • 2009: Catherine Dupuis; Lawrence D. Eckerling; Carl Lee Johnson; Dana W. Taylor
  • 2010: Samuel Bortka; David Deeg; Thor Steingraber; Barbara Stock
  • 2011: Mark Janas; Julia Spangler; Alan Steinberger; Straight No Chaser (Walter Chase, BME’00; Jerome Collins, BA’99; Patrick Hachey, BME’96; MM’98; Mike Itkoff, BA’99; Charlie Mechling, BA’99; Steve Morgan, BS’99, MBA’10; Dan Ponce, BS’99; David Roberts, BA’00; Randy Stine, BA’02)
  • 2012: Susan Sandberg; Nadine Weissmann
  • 2013: Kirsten Agresta Copely; Chris Ludwa; Beth White
  • 2014: Alice Curry; Lee Parker; Myrna Reynolds
  • 2015: Robert Clark; Ray Fellman; Judith (Hansen) Schwab
  • 2016: Gregg Arst; Michael Heitzman; Don Muston; Ilene Reid
  • 2017: Jen Goins; Lawrence W. Hill; Deb (Goodrich) Mayes; Alan and Linda (Willits) Sandlin
  • 2018: Deborah Jenkins Dalfonso; Charles Prestinari; Shannon (O’Connor) Starks
  • 2019: Michael and Marcia Conway; Cullen McCarty

  • 2009: Nicole Parker
  • 2010: Elizabeth Stanley
  • 2011: C. Scott Addison
  • 2012: Melissa Korzec Dickson
  • 2013: Krislyn Rojas
  • 2015: R. Ryan Endris
  • 2016: Daniel Bernbach
  • 2019: Nicholas Bragin

  • 1957: Patricia L. Williams
  • 1996: Robert (Bob) Eakle; Lois Pardue
  • 1997: Jodi Hollowitz
  • 2000: Frank Jones
  • 2001: Erich Kunzel
  • 2004: Jerry Hoover
  • 2005: Jack D. Burks
  • 2007: Marilyn R. Schwartzkopf
  • 2008: Curt Simic
  • 2014: Jennifer Gentry


If you have questions about the Distinguished Alumni or Outstanding Young Singing Hoosier Awards, please contact Derek Dixon, Development Office, IU Jacobs School of Music at