Mini University

Registration for the 2018 Mini University is now full.

A wait list has been started and individuals will be added as space becomes available. If you would like to be added to the wait list, please contact Lifelong Learning at: (812) 855-9335 or email at

For one week I am exposed to a wide variety of topics and am mentally energized. What else could you ask for?

Elizabeth Tanis, Mini University attendee
Rows of people sit facing a podium, where a man in a plaid suit jacket stands
A blonde woman speaks to three older women in a pink room
A group of people stands in a circle around a green-shirted woman speaking
A large group of people wearing red and white stand on the steps of a limestone building with their arms in the air

2018 Mini University

With out-of-this-world classes ranging from “The Art of Astronomy: Images of the Universe” to “The Dark Side of the Star: Hollywood Icons in Disturbing Roles,” you’ll find topics you're passionate about or that provide an opportunity to learn a new skill. Make sure to take a look at the class listing for Mini U 2018 and the 2018 suggested reading list.

Keep an eye on the IUAA Events page for updates on Mini U 2018! For any questions, please contact Lifelong Learning at or 812-855-9935.

Join us for a future Mini U

  • June 9–14, 2019
  • June 7–12, 2020