Keep your IU connection strong

Join us and keep our group strong

The IU Latino Alumni Association is a way to reconnect and maintain contact with friends old and new. The IU Latino Alumni Association facilitates connections with current students through a mentoring program, a scholarship fund, and other ways. Alumni from all IU campuses are welcome.

What if I am not Latino or I did not identify myself as Latino while at IU?

The IULAA is an inclusive organization that welcomes all interested parties. If you are Latino, but did not “self-identify” as Latino or Hispanic upon enrollment at IU, you can request that the IUAA designate you as Latino. Many alumni attended IU before race and ethnicity questions were a part of the application process. Additionally, those who are biracial or bicultural may have checked another description.

To be sure you are on the mailing list or to make a request to be designated as Hispanic or Latino, contact a member of our team at!