LGBTQ+ Mini Grants

Use a mini-grant to support the community

The IU LGBTQ+ Alumni Association awards mini-grants to student organizations and individual students to design and implement projects that support the LGBTQ+ community. Generally, projects must address real LGBTQ+ community needs and offer long-term benefits.

Who can apply?

  1. Any student organization on any IU campus registered with the IU Student Activities Office or comparable campus office, or
  2. Any full-time student enrolled at any IU campus

Any student organization applying for a mini-grant must provide evidence of registration. No mini-grant will be payable directly to an individual student. Rather, any mini-grant money awarded to a student applicant will be payable only to the account of (i) a student organization registered with the IU Student Activities Office, (ii) an IU academic unit, e.g., Kelley School of Business, or (iii) an IU administrative unit, e.g., LGBTQ+ Culture Center. It is the sole responsibility of a student applicant to obtain the necessary approval for the payment to such an account.

The student(s) listed on the title page must complete all parts of the mini-grant application and will be responsible for all follow-up reporting requirements. All applications require an IU faculty or staff member to serve as the project oversight director. Faculty and staff members are not eligible to apply, though they are encouraged to serve as project oversight directors.

What kind of projects receive mini-grants?

The mini-grants are administered by the Board of Directors of the IU LGBTQ+ Alumni Association, an affiliate of the IU Alumni Association. All mini-grants are awarded to applicants at the sole discretion of the LGBTQ+ Alumni Association Board. Mini-grants are available for student organizations and individual students interested in designing and implementing quality, educational, social, or community service-based projects that support the LGBTQ+ community. Projects may last one day or span the length of the academic year. Common elements for projects include (i) addressing real LGBTQ+ community needs and (ii) offering some long-term benefit.

For example, previous projects have included:

  • Planning for a Day of Silence
  • Bringing LGBTQ+ speakers to campus
  • Planning a program or an event for the IU community
  • Planning collaborative events with other IU organizations
  • Support for travel expenses for LGBTQ+ advocacy

When are the mini-grant applications due?

Applications must be received at least 30 days before the start date of the project.

Apply for a mini-grant