IU LGBTQ+AA Distinguished Alumni Award

Distinguished Alumni Award criteria

The purpose of the LGBTQ+AA Distinguished Alumni Award is to recognize outstanding achievement by lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender (“LGBT”) alumni of Indiana University. The award is also available to individual allies or supporters of the IU LGBTQ+ community, regardless of sexual orientation.

It is intended that the recipients be in as many fields of endeavor as reasonably possible, e.g., education, law, business, medicine, science, music, etc. The recipient must be present to receive the award. If a recipient cannot be present, the award shall be presented to the alternate.

The award shall consist of a plaque. It is intended that the awards will be presented during one of the events held in connection with the IU LGBTQ+ Alumni Association annual celebration weekend in January/February, or at some other appropriate function determined by the LGBTQ+ Board.

Only living alumni of Indiana University are eligible. Alumni are degree holders of any campus of Indiana University. Nominees shall have been outstanding in their field of endeavor and shall have made significant contributions benefiting Indiana University or their community, state or nation. Contributions to the LGBTQ+ community will be given particular consideration. The recipient(s) must be present at the formal presentation.

Nominations may be submitted by (i) any school or department of Indiana University, (ii) any alum of Indiana University or (iii) any faculty or staff member of Indiana University. Nomination forms should be used and may be obtained from the IU Alumni Association. All nominations must be in writing and accompanied by complete biographical and other pertinent information. Supporting letters of recommendation are strongly encouraged. All nominations will automatically be valid for the next two successive years. After that, nominations must be resubmitted.

Nominations may be submitted via email to Mara Bernstein at iulgbtqaa@alumni.iu.edu no later than December 1. All nominations and related written materials will be treated confidentially to the extent reasonably possible.

The recipients of the award shall be selected by the Awards Committee consisting of the Executive Committee of the LGBTQ+ Board of Directors (“Board”), plus two other members of the Board appointed annually by the President of the LGBTQ+ AA. All selections shall be made in the sole discretion of the Awards Committee.


If you have questions about the Distinguished Alumni Award, please contact the LGBTQ+AA at iulgbtqaa@alumni.iu.edu or 812-855-4822.