Volunteer to bring your fellow alumni together

You love IU, right? We all do. Well, we need you to use that passion to mobilize and organize the alumni around you.

Description of the video:

[Views of the Indiana University Alumni Association on campus. Josh Kornberg, IU Southeast Alumni Board President.]

[Josh Kornberg speaks] By volunteering with the Alumni Association, I have found people who truly care about IU, and truly, I have found some lifelong friends.

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[Onscreen text reads: Thank you for your interest in volunteering with the Indiana University Alumni Association. Here are some of the ways you can volunteer and the rewards you may experience.]

[Onscreen text reads: Josh Kornberg, IU Southeast Alumni Board President.]

[Kornberg] To me, the role of this organization and success really looks like how can we continue to engage our alumni and do so in meaningful ways.

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[Video footage of a canoeing event.]

[Onscreen text reads: Martin Vargas, IU Latino Alumni Council.]

[Martin Vargas speaks] I had the chance to work with students, alumni.

[Onscreen text reads: Cindy Stone, IUAA LGBTQ plus President.]

[Cindy Stone speaks] New colleagues, new friends, new opportunities.

[Onscreen text reads: Stacie Richter, Twin Cities Chapter President.]

[Stacie Richter speaks] You know, an alumni association can't do what they do without volunteers, and they're so important to be able to provide things that alumni look forward to.

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[Group photos of alumni as well as graduating students.]

[Onscreen text reads: Laurel Brown-Swader, At Large Member of IU Executive Council.]

[Laurel Brown-Swader speaks] When you hear about people who have given not only their treasure to start scholarships, but they've given their time and their talents to help young people that are future generations that leave legacies, it makes you inspire to want to do your best and to do more.

[Stone] Do you have an interest and a passion to make a difference, and if you do, let's see how we can use your skill set, let's see how we can get you connected.

[Vargas] Sharing your story is free. Sharing is your talent gives back ten-fold.

[Photos of volunteers at different events.]

[Onscreen text reads: Lori Pearson-Perry, IUAA Board of Managers Volunteer.]

[Lori Pearson-Perry speaks] A lot of times you volunteer for something, and then the day comes and you're like, ugh, why did I sign up for this, and then you get there and you make all these connections, you meet all the people.

[Onscreen text reads: Jann Fujimoto, IUAA Executive Council Volunteer.]

[Jann Fujimoto speaks] It is a rewarding opportunity for yourself to also engage with other alumni.

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[Onscreen text reads: Kyle King, IU School of Optometry Alumni Association Member.]

[Kyle King speaks] One thing that I'm proud of is I've been one of the chairs of the IU School of Optometry golf event for now six years, and we've raised over $150,000 for student scholarships. That scholarship account didn't exist before we started that event, and now we've been able to help, you know, current students, lessen their debt load.

[Fujimoto] Being able to take the financial resources that donors are generously giving, to be able to turn that into something tangible and that our students can benefit from, that's one of our biggest and next most important thing.

[Stone] We have given out probably over 100 scholarships, about 70 academic scholarships, and about 35 or so, I believe, have been emergency scholarships.

[Kornberg] The longer I've been involved and I've seen the layers and the hours and the people who have poured their hearts and soul into this university for generations before me, and those who will come after me, and I feel like I have been given a really incredible opportunity to make my own legacy within this association.

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[Onscreen text reads: For more information and to find a Chartered Community for you, visit our.indiana.edu.]

[Stone] I want to make sure that we're doing all that we can to help that next generation.

[Richter] Through volunteering with the Indiana University, the Alumni Association, I've found a way back home.

[Vargas] Go IU.

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[Onscreen text reads: Indiana University Alumni Association.]

Simple ways to get involved

  • Become an IUAA member
  • Host or volunteer for an event
  • Participate in an IUAA campaign
  • Vote in the Trustee Election
  • Financially support an IUAA initiative
  • Become an Alumni Student Recruiter
  • Take a Lifelong Learning course

What do alumni leaders do?

Alumni leaders do all sorts of things. What your role ends up being depends on the needs of the group around you. As an alumni leader you may:

  • Help plan and organize special events for your chapter
  • Recruit new members and work to retain current members
  • Spearhead fundraising activities
  • Liaison with IU Alumni Association headquarters

Become a volunteer or leader

Being part of the chapter in Atlanta has given me a wonderful opportunity to share my love of Indiana University with so many. It’s great to connect with others through our shared experience. I’ve made many new friends through my involvement with the chapter.

Angie Clawson, President of the Atlanta Chapter

What’s this about serving on a board?

If you’re already active in your area, consider stepping up to the plate by serving as an alumni leader or an Executive Council or Board of Managers member.

As an alumni association member, you’re eligible to serve on three IUAA boards: the Executive Council, the Board of Managers, and the Alumni Trustees.

Each board plays an essential role in the management of the IU Alumni Association, and all three include alumni among their members.

Board members are elected by your fellow IUAA members in staggered terms. We encourage you to volunteer to serve!

Find out more about serving on a board

Become eligible for IUAA volunteer opportunities

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