Outlook 365 FAQ

Update Your Contact Information for Greater Security

If you access your alumni.iu.edu email account through Outlook 365, the IU Alumni Association needs to capture additional information to ensure your account is secure and to verify you are the intended owner of the account.

Update your account

The IUAA will begin using the new IU Alumni Gmail service soon. Watch for communications about converting your Microsoft Office 365 account!


When we initially introduced the alumni email system, the system did not capture any additional information. To provide improved verification and support for your alumni account, we are now requiring this information.

While the IUAA maintains a record for each of our members, the alumni email system is not directly connected to our member database. This additional information will help us to provide better service, improve our account verification steps, and better integrate your email account with your membership record.

Gmail will give the user better control over his or her account. For example, you will not need to contact the IUAA to reset your password. In partnership with UITS (University Information Technology Services), all IU students now also use Google as their primary email platform. By migrating alumni accounts to Gmail, everyone will be uniform.

Your actual email address will not change. For example, if you are hermanbwells@alumni.iu.edu currently, that will still be your email address after the conversion. The only change comes when you log in for web access and/or the connection settings on an email application or your phone. When you log in, you will have the option to migrate your existing inbox to Google. Our partnership with UITS will give you, our valued alumni, 24/7 access to support during the migration to Google.

Currently, no. In the future, the alumni email account will be tied to the status of your IUAA membership. However, keeping your membership status active will be a simple, once-a-year process if you aren’t a lifetime member.

Should you no longer wish to have an alumni.iu.edu email account, you can contact Crimson Support & Training at 812-856-2746 or crmson@iu.edu, or simply disregard the email reminders to update your account. Later this year, we will disable and remove all alumni email accounts that have not been updated.

If you do not wish to use the website, please contact Crimson Support & Training at 812-856-2746, Monday–Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET, and we will personally update your record over the phone.

Please contact Crimson Support & Training at 812-856-2746 or crmson@iu.edu and we will be happy to assist you.