Alumni Email Account

Get a spirited email address

When you graduated from IU, you probably gave up your email address. But we have good news! As an IU Alumni Association member, you can get it back.

When you do, it will look a little different. Your address will now be and be hosted by Microsoft Office 365.

But it still announces your IU affiliation to the world—and informs potential employers where you graduated before you say a single word.

Your email can be the key to great savings

A variety of retailers, online service providers, and even newspapers offer discounts to people with .edu email addresses.

Get discounts on computers from Apple and Dell.

Your email address unlocks a ton of great deals, all over the web.

If you’re a recent grad, you might already have an account

If you were using a Umail or Imail account at IU, you’re in luck. You can continue to use your IU account. One note: IU has announced plans to retire Imail. If you have questions about that or other issues related to IUs email systems, check out this UITS guide.