Distinguished Alumni Service Award

The highest honor given to alumni

Each year, Indiana University recognizes outstanding alumni with the Distinguished Alumni Service Award, the highest accolade reserved solely for alumni. The awardees are leaders in their chosen fields who make significant contributions benefiting their community, state, nation, or university.

Since 1953, DASA recipients—collectively known as the DASA Club—have donated more than $2 million in support of scholarships and grants to hundreds of exceptional IU students. To learn more about the DASA club, please contact Jacquelyn Beane at jibeane@iu.edu or 812-855-7352.

Nominate an alum for the DASA

Do you know an alum whose service, accomplishments, philanthropy, or contributions to the university and the Alumni Association deserve special recognition? Here are several ways you can nominate outstanding alumni.


The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Service Award is to provide recognition for outstanding achievements by alumni of Indiana University.

Eligibility for Award

  • Only living alumni of Indiana University are eligible. For purposes of definition, an alumnus is any person who shall have regularly enrolled in any school of Indiana University, or any of its predecessors, and who has remained in attendance at least one semester, and who has earned at least 12 credit hours toward a degree.
  • The nominee shall have been outstanding in his/her chosen field of endeavor and/or the nominee shall have made significant contributions benefiting his/her community, state, nation, or university.

Note: Since the present rules were approved in 1974 the Selection Committee, because of the original intent of the award, has not seen fit to select a nominee from the faculty and staff of Indiana University who is still on the active payroll, current IU trustee, or a person currently holding a high political office.

Nature of the Award

The award shall consist of a medallion and an illuminated parchment.


  • Nominations may be submitted by 1.) Any school of Indiana University 2.) Any alumnus of Indiana University 3.) Any faculty or staff member of Indiana University.
  • All nominations may be electronically submitted on the DASA website. To request a paper or PDF nomination form, please contact Jacquelyn Beane at jibeane@iu.edu or 812-855-7352. Nominations must be accompanied by complete biographical and other pertinent information. At least two letters outlining candidate achievements are required by the nominator and/or other interested individuals.
  • Regular nomination forms shall be used and may be secured from the IU Alumni Office or DASA website.
  • Nomination forms and supporting materials must be submitted on the DASA website page or in a sealed envelope and postmarked no later than midnight, March 31.
  • All nominations submitted in writing shall be addressed to: Coordinator, DASA Alumni Awards, c/o CEO, Indiana University Alumni Association, Virgil T. DeVault Alumni Center, 1000 East 17th Street, Bloomington, IN 47408-1521.
  • All nominations for the award will automatically be valid for the next two successive years. After that they must be resubmitted.

Selection of the Recipients

  • The Alumni Awards Committee shall be composed of seven members, five of whom shall be alumni of Indiana University and two who shall be faculty and/or staff members of Indiana University. Members of the Executive Council of the Indiana University Alumni Association shall not be eligible for membership.
  • It shall be the duty of the Alumni Awards Committee to make the final selection of those to receive the award and to forward to the President of Indiana University for him/her to notify recipients.
  • The alumni members of the Alumni Awards Committee shall be appointed by the chairperson of the Indiana University Alumni Association, and the members representing the university shall be appointed by the president of Indiana University. Members of the committee shall select the chairperson.
  • Each member of the committee shall serve a term of three (3) years. The terms of the alumni members of the original committee shall be as follows: two members for three years, two members for two years, and one member for one year. The terms of the university members shall be one member for three years, one member for two years, and none for one year. Thereafter, all terms shall expire in that order.
  • The CEO of the Indiana University Alumni Association shall be the secretary and a nonvoting member of the committee.


  • The Executive Council of the Alumni Association strongly suggests the awards be made to individuals in as many fields of endeavor as possible. (Law, medicine, business, science, music, etc.)
  • The awards shall be given at the annual meeting/dinner in conjunction with the Student Grant & Scholarship Luncheon. The recipients shall be announced shortly before that date.
  • Award recipients must be present at the annual meeting/dinner for the DASA presentation unless death or illness following their selection and acceptance occurs.
  • A limit of one award per year may be given at a commencement ceremony as an exception to the annual awards at the university ceremony.

Nomination forms and supporting materials must be submitted online or by mail, postmarked by midnight, March 31. Nominations received after that date will be considered for the following year.

Daniel F. Evans, Jr., BA’71, JD’76

Description of the video:

[ A photo of a smiling man, wearing a dark gray suit, and red tie. Black and white and color photos of Daniel as a student, Indiana University events, students, and his family and friends. On screen text. IU Alumni. DASA 2018: Daniel F. Evans, Jr. ]

[ Music ]

The year was 1970. Dan Evans, Junior was a student at Indiana University. The draft lottery for the Vietnam War had just recently been enacted. And the campus was approaching a tipping point.

That sticks in my mind as unique moment in Bloomington. There were student demonstrations. Big student demonstrations. You couldn't get into Ballantine Hall. There were chains of people around it. So, I went to the auditorium to listen to President Sutton talk. It was tense. I don't remember exactly what he said. But whatever he said, I remember the impact it had. It diffused everything. What I saw was leadership on display. By the leader of IU taking control and communicating clearly.

A lesson in leadership that stuck with Dan Evans, along with at least one trick he learned long before graduating from IU Bloomington and earning a law degree from IUPUI.

So, I did a lot of management by walking around. Just go out and see what's going on. My dad ran a chain of department stores. I'd go to work with him on Saturday mornings. My brother and I. And he'd walked around. I never got it. Until much later in life. That was part of his management technique. To see what's going on in the store when he arrives.

It's a style that's served him well through his time in private practice. As chairman of the boards of the Federal Housing Finance Agency. And the Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis. On numerous other civic and cooperate boards. And most recently, while overseeing the development and day to day operations of the IU Health System, as chairman and CEO. His impact is really remarkable. And it's sustained. And today, Dan Evans is impacting the next generation of lawyers. Well, when you retire, you go from a what to a what is what you do. The who is who you are. So, it gives you a moment to reflect upon what brings you happiness. What brings you satisfaction. And I concluded, among other things, that what I enjoyed doing was dealing with students. So, for the last several years, Dan's been teaching and mentoring at the McKinney School of Law.

[ Andrew Klein. Dean, Robert H. McKinney School of Law. ]

Dan is a role model for our students, who are increasingly using their legal education to do things other than traditional legal practice.

[ Music ]

To me, Dan Evans is an ideal recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Service Award. He serves our students. He serves our community. He serves as a mentor to leaders in the academy. Again, I feel very fortunate that Dan has been a mentor and a friend to me.

[ Sarah Evans Barker. Senior Judge, United States District Court, Southern District of Indiana. ]

The fact that this award recognizes people of Dan's caliber, of his history and contributions and the presence that he's had in our state and in our community, gives meaning to this award. It gives significance to it, just by virtue of the fact that he's associated with it.

In this stage in my life, I get to reflect upon the totality of my profession, which is part of my life. My personal life is the larger part that is my wife and my family, particularly my wife and my kids, for whom I'm very grateful. So, I'm humbled to be singled out in a way. And honored to be singled out. But I'm aware of the power of the whole. And I know that everybody in the room, as they sit there and reflect on who they are, as opposed to what they are will draw conclusions that give a lot of credit to having gone to Indiana University.

[ Music ]

[The DASA Metal: Distinction. Loyalty. Citizenship. Distinguished Alumni Service Award.]

Curt Ferguson, BS’80

Description of the video:

[ A photo of a smiling man, wearing a gray suit jacket. Black and white and color photos of Curtis as a child, Indiana University, students, and his family and friends. On screen text. IU Alumni. DASA 2018: Curtis A. Ferguson. ]

[ Music ]

[ La Vonn Schlegel. Executive Director, Institute for International Business. ]

We both grew up with the idea that when you were in the school business, you were about rolling your shirt sleeves up and getting the job done and I think that really defines Curt Ferguson. He is about getting the job done.

Shortly after graduation, Curt Ferguson took a job with Coca-Cola and started rolling up his sleeves.

[ Curtis A. Ferguson. ]

And I thought they said Taiwan because back then everything was made in Taiwan, it was really Thailand. So, went to Thailand and that was 30 years ago and kind of never looked back.

Although he's worked internationally for decades, he's maintained incredible close ties to his alma mater. He's worked with the institute for international business, Kelly's external outreach [inaudible], joining the board in 2011.

And his perspective was to get us out of our comfort zone, to go beyond what we knew, what we thought we could do, the way we looked at things and really challenged us to make a difference in the world. He maybe wasn't here at the very beginning of IIB, he's certainly here at the very heart of IIB.

Curt was also instrumental, along with Coca-Cola, the U.S state department and Indiana University in establishing the Global Business Institute, a program with more than 600 alumni who have combined to create thousands of jobs around the world.

[ Idie Kesner. Dean, IU Kelly School of Business. ]

Because it brings not just our education experience, but it also brings the idea of entrepreneurship to a whole part of the world for which it's very new and Curt's made all of that possible.

This has been set up to teach critical thinking, to teach the idea that failure is okay and part of the process, to go beyond the typical ideas of let's just start a business but what are the personal and the emotional markers one needs in order to be successful in the world.

I think there's been 66 companies started. People have gone on and more importantly, they've found a voice. They're Hoosiers for life.

Hoosiers for life just like Curt Ferguson. He's actively involved with the Kelly Dean's council, Kelly's Global Dean Council and the IU foundation and in the run up to the 2018 winter Olympics in Seoul, he invited the dean of the Kelly school to participate in the torch relay.

[ Photo of Dean Kesner and Curtis in Official Olympic suits, with their hands holding torches, high in the air. ]

What an amazing opportunity. We're in the middle of Seoul, running down a street with torches and all of sudden we're showing the IU spirit with firsts and blades to tell the world that we're part of this big network, this big family called Indiana University. That was incredibly exciting.

I actually got to hand it off to [inaudible], so I was afraid I was going to drop the dang thing.

Curt is one of those folks where he's not just a donor in terms of dollars but he's a donor in terms of his belief and his time and his other resources. I've never heard Curt say no, I've done my part, I've done my fair share.

That's the best you can ask from an alumni. They care so deeply that they want to make sure that what they have invested so much of their heart and soul in is going to continue for a life time.

Services to me it's really easy, it's quite frankly giving back. I got to where I was because of Indiana University and Kelly and the whole experience and hopefully I can have somebody gets in that experience and fulfill that enrichment.

[ Music ]

[ The DASA Metal: Distinction. Loyalty. Citizenship. Distinguished Alumni Service Award. ]

[ Silence ]

Rose Mays, MS’74

Description of the video:

[ A photo of a smiling woman, wearing a light blue jacket. Black and white and color photos of Rose as a child and with her colleagues and students, Indiana University, campus life, and her family and friends. On screen text. IU Alumni. DASA 2018: Rose M. Mays. ]

[ Music ]

[ Robin Newhouse. Dean, IU School of Nursing. ]

You can't even talk about Rose Mays and just say Rose Mays. You have to say Rose Mays with enthusiasm, because she was a leader, she's a scholar, she's a philanthropist. She is the best of what an Indiana University nurse is.

For Rose, the love affair with nursing started in high school.

One of the clubs that I belonged to was the Future Nurses Club. I've always been a very curious person. You know, I want to know the why behind things. I wanted to know the rational if you will. And, I remember being told well, if you're really interested in this, you need to actually go see and investigate what it's about.

And, she did just that. First volunteering as a candy striper at a local hospital before heading to the University of Evansville where she earned her nursing degree.

[ Photo of diploma. University of Evansville. Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Rose Margaret Cole. ]

My first job out of nursing school was in psychiatric nursing, then worked a little bit in ICU on a surgical unit. Hospital work is very demanding on the family. As I got married and had more social obligations and the kids came along, I was looking for something that was a little more scheduled. And so, I got into public health nursing and that's when I really fell in love. I just kept saying hey, I could do more if I knew more.

And, so Rose enrolled in at the IU School of Nursing at IUPUY where she earned her Masters Degree, along with a minor in Teaching. Her intention was to head back into the workforce after graduation, but the School of Nursing had other ideas.

And, so I was about ready to graduate, got offered a teaching job at IU. So, I said, okay, I'll try this. My husband used to laugh at me because, you know, my career was not totally mapped out. It was sort of, there's an opportunity, I'm going to take it.

Rose took it and ran with it for 36 years. During her career as an Instructor and later as an Associate Dean, she worked to improve the quality of life for vulnerable populations, young parents, minorities and marginalized youth by carrying out a program of research and professional service focused on health promotion and disease prevention.

[ Joyce Rogers. Vice President of Development and External Relations, IU Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs. ]

Their entire family has just always been known throughout the community as well as the university community as givers and supporters and champions of others. That is part of who she is.

For decades, she and her late husband, Bill, have been two of Indiana University's strongest supporters and most generous philanthropist. And, even in retirement, Rose continues to serve the School of Nursing.

I just want to make the School of Nursing at Indiana University a better place. And, I think that's just an ongoing task. It really never ends.

Her financial support has created faculty professorships and fellowships, student scholarships and diversity enrichment, as well as the School of Nursing Fund that allows for resources to be used where the need is greatest.

The first two words that come to mind when I think of Rose is quiet storm. She's such a very quiet, sweet person, but she just has so much knowledge and so much passion.

But she's got this special skill and she can anticipate where some of the issues might emerge and she not only just understands them, but she just takes action.

If I can do something to help, you know, others or help other institutions when called upon I do.

[ Music ]

[ The DASA Metal: Distinction. Loyalty. Citizenship. Distinguished Alumni Service Award. ]

Todd Spaletto, BS’93

Description of the video:

[ A photo of a smiling man, wearing a blue, zip-up jacket. Black and white and color photos of Todd as a child, Indiana University, campus life, and Todd's family and friends. On screen text. IU Alumni. DASA 2018: Todd W. Spaletto. ]

Both my parents had a love for teaching and education and while that education wasn't the specific track for me, it really encouraged me at a young age to pursue the things that I was most passionate about.

And, at a young age, Todd Spaletto's original career aspiration was to work for a professional sports team.

I had heard from a friend that there was a really good sports marketing and management program down at Indiana University and everybody raved about Bloomington. Went down there for a visit and fell in love with it instantaneously. Wonderful people and just the topography of Southern Indiana really appealed to me as well.

Shortly after graduating from the IU School of Public Health, Todd found himself working for the Indiana Pacers, a would be dream job.

I was in sales and marketing and we were largely dependent on Reggie Miller's jump shot and it was a really good jump shot, but it wasn't something that we had a great impact and that was the moment where I said, maybe the sporting goods industry would be something that would be a better fit for me.
That search for a better fit lead him to VF Corporation, first working with JanSport and later with The North Face as their global president. Today, Todd is the President of the Outdoor and Lifestyle Group for Wolverine worldwide.
I think you realize that a lot of your personal and professional growth comes from experiences, both the things you find that you do like and the things that you find maybe aren't as great of a fit. And so, that experience for me lead me to this recognition that hey, growing up, whether it was running, camping, being in the outdoors, there was a personal passion for that as well. And, if I could apply that in an industry where I could have an impact on how backpacks look, how shoes get designed, how clothing gets made, that could be a really great fit for me. And, that started my career path and it's been what I've been doing ever since.

[ Sally Jewell, Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior. Sally wears a purple coat, and is standing in front of green shrubbery. ]

That is Todd Spaletto. He's a great merging of different disciplines saying how do we help mankind, but also run a really healthy business.

[ David Allison, Dean, IU School of Public Health. ]

That entrepreneurial spirit, that wiliness to say what if, let's try something different, it's something we promote and it's something that we need in society at large.

[ Off screen narrator. ]

And, at least once a year, Todd makes his way back to Bloomington to reconnect with the school and the current group of students.

For me, services, that two way opportunity to represent the university out in the world, but also bring those experiences back to Bloomington and to Indiana University overall. I love having the opportunity to speak directly with the students and I've had a chance to do that both through the program that I went through, but also through the business school.

They recognize that careers come out of that, just as Mr. Spaletto has had an amazingly successful story, entrepreneurial, flexible career, so too have others coming out of that and going into it in the future.

[ Music ]

I think he really typifies the idea of our school uniquely contributing to healthy lifestyles among people, as well as the study of healthy lifestyles.

He's a person that never stops exploring himself, exploring the bounds of business, exploring the bounds of creativity, thinking about how he can inspire people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

When I think back to my four years in Bloomington, I never would have thought that I would be where I am today, but when I look back on those four years, I recognize that it's the experiences that I had through the faculty, through Bloomington, through that personal interaction that I had with staff and student body that allowed me to have a strong foundation for what I have achieved.

[ Music ]

[ The DASA Metal: Distinction. Loyalty. Citizenship. Distinguished Alumni Service Award. ]

Pusadee P. Tamthai, MS’75, PhD’82

Description of the video:

[ A photo of a smiling woman, wearing a purple, patterned jacket, with a white corsage. Black and white and color photos of Dr. Tamthai as a child, Bangkok, Indiana University, campus life, and her family and friends. On screen text. IU Alumni. DASA 2018: Dr. Pusadee Piyakul Tamthai. ]

[ Music ]

[ Dr. Pusadee Piyakul Tamthai. ]

[Background Music]

My parents saw the significance of education and it's a necessity and it's a right of everyone because it's the key to the progress in each one's life.

But access to quality education was a challenge for a young Pusadee Tamthai.

And way back then schools outside of Bangkok were not that great and so my parents, they decided to send me to Bangkok to be at the boarding school.

For Pusadee traveling for quality education didn't end with boarding school.

In the early 1970's she and a handful of other teachers were selected by the Thai government and professors from Indiana University to participate in a United Nations development program that would help establish and improve educational opportunities in Thailand. She took her exams, passed and packed her bags for Bloomington.

And then we landed in Bloomington we thought oh, what is this? We only saw like corn fields. And then we were driven to IU campus and it's a beautiful campus.

But having just moved halfway around the world, Pusadee and the others struggled. They were even offered a deal from Professor Willis Porter.

He said ok, I'll give you six months. If you still want to go home then I'll buy you a ticket. Nobody decided to go home because after six months we had a wonderful time at IU.

Pusadee Tamthai would go on to earn two advanced degrees while enjoying all that IU offered.

I enjoyed sports. I enjoyed music. The operas, the library, that's what I liked the most and most importantly I met my husband there.

Following their time in Bloomington Pusadee and Bodine [phonetic] Tamthai returned to Thailand. There she embarked on a life of service in government as a member of the House of Representatives and as Deputy Governor of Bangkok. And in education, promoting the ideal of education for all. And later as director of [foreign language], the boarding school she attended decades ago.

She's extraordinary because she's a leader.

[ Patrick O'Meara. Vice President Emeritus, International Affairs. ]

Here is someone whose life has been devoted to politics, to change, to opposing the systems when they have been unjust, to dealing with women and women's rights.

[ Bui Simon. Founder and President, Angel Wings Foundation. ]

She is an incredible voice for Thai women, Thai children and she makes our country so proud with her tenacity, her integrity and all the things that she stands for.

You have to be positive in life and whatever comes in front of you you deal with it positively. And you have to serve others above self. And then it's love of giving. I guess these are the three main, should I say principles, in leading my life.

[ Music ]

For Pusadee and Bodine to be involved in the alumni events, for them to be there was an inspiration for other alums.

IU was my love because IU had positive power for me all throughout my careers and also throughout my life. It's not just a place where you get education but you also reach out to other people in other corners of the world.

[ Music ]

[ The DASA Metal: Distinction. Loyalty. Citizenship. Distinguished Alumni Service Award. ]

Past DASA recipients

** denotes deceased recipient

  • Abrahamson, Shirley Schlanger, JD’56, LLD Hon’86
  • Adams, Mildred P., BS’48, MS’52, EdD’64 **
  • Alltop, J. Howard, Sr., BA’29 **
  • Anderson, Hanson H., BA 1911, MA’29 **
  • Anderson, Kathy, BS’71   
  • Ando, Kaoru, BS’36, LLD’80 **
  • Armstrong, Lewis S., BS’26 **
  • Armstrong, William S., BA’51 **
  • Atkins, Thomas I., BA’61 **
  • Atkinson, George H., PhD’71
  • Baker, Laurence D., BA 1918 **
  • Baldwin, William R., MS’56, PhD’65
  • Balfour, Lloyd G., LLB 1907, LLD’66 **
  • Ball, Mildred Morgan, BS’60  
  • Banks, Glenn L., BS’50 
  • Barker, Sarah Evans, BS’65, LLD’99 
  • Barnes, David K., MA’44, PhD’47 **
  • Barnett, John V., Sr., ’34 **
  • Barnhart, Dean L., BA 1911 **
  • Barnhart, Hugh A., BA 1915 **
  • Barr, John A., LLB’30, LLD’73 **
  • Barton, Miles S., DDS’33 **
  • Bayh, Birch Evans, Jr., JD’60, LLD’95  
  • Bays, Karl D., MBA’58 **
  • Beckley, Kenneth A., BS’62  
  • Begdes, Mehmet Kutsi, MA’40, PhD’44 **
  • Bell, Joshua D. ArtD’89
  • Berry, Lillian Gay, BA 1899, MA 1905 **
  • Bingham, Rebecca Taylor, BS’50, MLS’69
  • Black, Joseph M., BA’41, MD’44 **
  • Bluhm, Maurice L., BA 1913 
  • Boone, Clarence W., Sr., BA’53, MD’56 
  • Booth, Kathryn R., BS’72  
    Botti, Chris R., ’84
  • Bowen, Otis R., BA’39, MD’42, LLD’76 **
    Brantly, Kent P., MD’09
  • Bray, Esther D., BS’25, MA’27 **
  • Breckenridge, Cora, BS’59, MS’63 
  • Brinkman, P. Delbert, MA’63, PhD’71
  • Brown. Angela M., 86
  • Bundles, S. Henry, Jr.  BA’48 
  • Butcher, Jane Bayer, BA’37 **
  • Butcher, Joseph O., BA’36 **
  • Cadou, Eugene J., Sr., BA 1917 **
  • Carmichael, Hoagy H. LLB’26, DM Hon’72 **
  • Carmichael, William P., BS’65  
  • Carmony, Donald F., MA’31, PhD’40 **
  • Carr, Willard Z., Jr., LLB’50
  • Carroll, William F., Jr., PhD’78
  • Chamness, Ivy L., BA 1916, MA’28 **
  • Clapacs, J. Terry, BS’65, MBA’69
  • Clevenger, Zora G., 1904 **
    Cole, Roselyn R., BS’60
  • Comer, James P., BA’56, ScD’91
  • Conrad, Martin L., BA’21 **
  • Cook, Gayle Karch, BA’56, LHD’93
  • Cosner, Robert R., BS’41 ** 
  • Cox, Jesse H., BS’44 **
  • Cozad, James W., BS’50, LLD’82 **
  • Cressey, Donald R., PhD’50 **

** denotes deceased recipient

  • Danielson, Donald C., BS’42, LLD’94 **
  • Danielson, Patricia Peterson, BA’45 **
  • Dant, Charles G., BS’32 **
  • Davis, Chester E., BS’44 **
  • Davis, Madelyn Pugh, BA’42 **
  • Davis, Merrill S., BA 1912, MD 1914 **
  • Dawson, Martha E., MS’54, EdD’56 
  • De Las Alas, Antonio, LLB 1908 **
  • Dean, Everett S., BA’21, MS’38 **
  • DeCoudreaux, Alecia A., JD’78 
  • Delachaux, Francois, MBA’63 
  • DeVault, Virgil T., BS’27, MD’29, DSc’77 **
  • Dillin, S. Hugh, BA’36, LLB’38, LLD’92 **
  • Doninger, Clarence H., BS’57, JD’60 
  • Doster, Gayl, BS’60 
  • Duggan, Andrew M., ’45 **
  • Dukes, Betty D., BA’41, MD’43 **
  • Dunn, Oscar L., BS’36, LLD’71 **
  • Dutton, C. Ben, BS’38, LLB’40, LLD’70 **
  • Dykhuizen, Fred, BS’26 **
  • Earnhart, Don B., BS’49, LLD’86 **
  • Edmondson, Frank K., BA’33, MA’34 **
  • Edwards, Edward E., BS’28, MS’34 **
  • Eichhorn, Frederick F., BS’52, JD’57 **
  • Elliott, Byron K., BA’20, LLD’55 **
  • Ellis, Frances H., BA 1914, MA’28 **
  • Ellis, Larry R., MS’75 
  • Elmore, David G., BS’55, JD’58 
  • Enberg, Richard "Dick", MS’59, HD’62 
  • Eschbach, Jesse E., II, BS’43, JD’49, LLD’86 **
  • Eskew, Philip N., Sr., MS’33 **
  • Estes, Sidney H., EdD’67 **
  • Evans, Daniel F., Jr., BA’71, JD’76
  • Evans, H. Dean, EdD’66 **
  • Everitt, Robert H., BS’61, LLB’65 
  • Ferguson, Curt, BS’80
  • Ferree, E. Mark, LLD’77 **
  • Ferrey, Edgar E., BA’42 **
  • Fidlar, Marion M., BA’34, MA’36, PhD’42 **
  • Fletchall, Eugene D., BS’32, LLB’34 **
  • Franklin, Joseph A., Sr., BS’27 **
  • Frick, David R., BA’66 
  • Friedlander, Ezra "Zeke", BA’62, LLB’65 
  • Frowick, Robert H., BA’53, MA’57 **
  • Fuller, Magdalene Z., BSN’59, MSN’60 **
  • Fullmer, Harold M., BS’42, DDS’44 **

** denotes deceased recipient

  • Gassoway-Reichle, Lynn E., DDS’74
  • Gates, Robert E., BS’42, LLB’49 **
  • Geiger, Dillon D., BS’29, MD’31 **
  • Gill, George N., BA’57, LHD’94 **
  • Gill, Jack M., PhD’63, DSc’01
  • Gilliatt, Neal, BS’39 **
  • Gilman, Alan B., BA’52, MBA’54
  • Glaubinger, Lawrence D., BS’49, LLD’93 **
  • Gonso, Harry L., BS’70, JD’73
  • Gosman, James H., BS’36, MD’38 **
  • Gramley, Lyle E., MA’52, PhD’56, LLD’84 **
  • Gray, Carl M., LLB’61, LLD’81 **
    Gray, Moses W., BS’69
  • Greenough, William C., BA’35, LLD’66 **
  • Grimes, John S., BA’29, JD’31 **
  • Guthrie, Wayne, LLB’20 **
  • Hackett, John Thomas, BS’54, MBA’58 **
  • Halleck, Charles A., BA’22, LLB’24, LLD’65 **
  • Hardy, Ruth Herdrich, BA 1915 **
  • Harker, Russell P., BA 1912, LLB 1913, JD’67 **
  • Harlos, Cecil E., BS’23 **
  • Harrell, Charles E., BA’33, LLB’36 **
  • Harris, William H., MA’67, PhD’73
  • Hasbrook, Thomas C., BS’42 **
  • Hatcher, Richard G., BS’56
  • Haugh, Robert C., BA’48 **
  • Hawkins, Grant W., Sr., BA’33 **
  • Hawkins, Howard R., BS’38, JD’41 **
  • Hayes, Joseph A., ’42, LHD’70 **
  • Heckard, Mary E., GN’21 **
  • Heffernan, Joseph V., JD’30 **
  • Hendricks, Cecilia Hennel, BA 1907, MA 1908 **
  • Herold, Don, BA 1913 **
  • Hertzer, Norman R., BA’64, MD’67
  • Hickam, Hubert, LLB’13 **
  • Hill, John W., LLD’71 **
  • Hill, Patton J., Sr., BA’20, MA’34 **
  • Hillis, Elwood H., BS’49, JD’52
  • Hillis, Margaret E., BM’47, DM’72 **
  • Holland, James P., MA’58, PhD’61 **
  • Hornbostel, Charles C., BS’34 **
  • Hsie, Abraham W., MA’65, PhD’69 **
  • Hurst, Mercedes, BA’24 **
  • Hutton, Edward L., BS’40, MS’41, LLD’92 **
  • Inman, Garnett, BS’40 **
  • Inskeep, Harriett Simmons, BA’48, MA’55, LHD’96
  • Inskeep, Richard G., BS’50, LHD’06 **
  • Irwin, Glenn W., Jr., BS’42, MD’44, LLD’86 **

** denotes deceased recipient

  • Jacobs, David H., Jr., ’76
  • James, Daniel, BA’27, JD’29 **
  • Jasper, Paul G., LLB’32 **
  • Johnson, Fred Bates, BA 1902, LLB 1910 **
  • Johnson, George A., BA’15 **
  • Johnson, Lacy, JD’81
  • Johnson, Richard L., BS’55 **
  • Jones, Booker T., Jr., BME’67, DM Hon’12
  • Jones, Eli S., BA 1914, MD 1916 **
  • Jones, Frank B., BS’48, MS’51 **
  • Jordan, Harold W., BS’32 **
    Jordan-Miles, Alice M., BA’90, MS’97
  • Keck, William H., BS’41 **
  • Keith, Leroy, Jr., MS’69, EdD’70
  • Kelley, Estel W., BS’39, LLD’71 **
  • Kettler, Edgar F., BS’48 **
  • Kidd, Robert Louis, BA’23, LLD’66 **
  • Kim, Young-Jin, MBA’84
  • Kimberling, John F., BA’47, JD’50 **
  • Kintner, Earl W., JD’38 **
  • Kipp, Albrecht R.C., BA 1906 **
  • Knapp, Sandy Altman, BS’70
  • Lansing, Dorothy I., BA’44, MD’47 **
  • Laskin, Daniel M., BS/DDS’47, DSc’01
  • Leff, Dale Stark, BS’69
  • Lennon, Polly Jontz, BA’49 **
  • Lesher, Richard L., DBA’63, LLD’79
  • LeSuer, William M., PhD’48 **
  • Ligocki, Kathleen, BA’78, LHD’02
  • Lindley, Ernest K., ’20 **
  • Lindsey, J. Frank, LLB 1913 
  • Lofton, Thomas M., BS’51, JD’54, LLD’00
  • Long, Clarence W., BS’39 **
  • Lucas, Robert A., BS’43, JD’49, LLD’94 **

** denotes deceased recipient

  • Maroon, Joseph C., BA’62, MD’65
  • Martin, Wallace H., BA 1917 **
  • Masters, Keith, BA’25 **
  • Mathers, Thomas N., BA’36, LLB’39 **
  • Maurer, Mary Rieman, BA 1916, LLD’67 **
  • Maurer, Michael S., JD’67
  • Mays, Rose, MS’74
  • Mays, William G., BA’70, MBA’73, DSc’00 **
  • McCarty, C. Walter, 1915 **
  • McCarty, Virginia Dill, BA’46, LLB’50, LLD’86 **
  • McGee, James, BA’77
  • McGreevey, John W., LHD’86, BA’87 **
  • McMurtrie, Uz, BA 1908 **
  • Meister-Armington, Irene W., BA’48, MA’49
  • Metz, Arthur R., BA 1909 **
  • Miles, Richard M., MA’64
  • Miller, Arthur L., BA’22 **
  • Miller, Jeanne S., BA’46, LLB’48, LLD’89
  • Miller, Patricia R., BS’60
  • Miller, Peggy Gordon Elliott, EdD’75
  • Miller, Samuel Hudson, BS’38 **
  • Miller, Thomas M., BS’52 **
  • Mitchell-Kernan, Claudia I., BA’63, MA’65
  • Mobley, Tony A., MS’62, ReD’65
  • Mogge, Arthur R., BA’19 **
  • Morgan, Dolores A., MD’68 **
  • Morris, James T., BA’65
  • Muhler, Joseph C., BS’47, DDS’48, PhD’52 **
  • Murray, Dwight H., MD 1917 **
  • Neal, Homer A., BS’61, DSc’84
  • Neff, Robert E., BA 1911 **
  • Nelms, Charlie, MS’71, EdD’77
  • Nelson, Alice McDonald, ’24 **
  • Nettl, Bruno, BA’50, MA’51, PhD’53
  • Newsom, Herschel D., BA’26 **
  • Nolan, Val, Jr., BA’41, JD’49 **
  • Nyland, Georgia Belle, GN’42 **
  • O’Bannon, Judith A., BS’57, LHD’04

** denotes deceased recipient

  • Paige, Roderick, MS’62, PED’70
  • Patrick, James E., BS’41, LLD’66 **
  • Pauley, Jane, BA’72, LHD’96
    Pavy, Raymond E., BS’65
  • Pell, Wilbur F., Jr., BA’37, LLD’81 **
  • Peterson, J. Dwight, BA 1919, LLD’66 **
  • Pfau, Norman E., Jr., BS’65
  • Piercy, Josephine K., BA 1918, MA 1919 **
  • Pinnell, W. George, DBA’54 **
  • Poling, Harold A., MBA’51, LLD’90 **
  • Popoff, Frank P., BA/MBA’59, DSc’88
  • Powell, Alma C., BS’70, MS’72
  • Poynter, Nelson Paul, BA’24, LLD’76 **
  • Raper, Howard R., DDS 1906 **
  • Rapp, George F., MD’57
  • Redding, Gerald Raymond, BS’26, JD’28 **
  • Reed, Philip B., BS’28, MD’30, MD’32 **
    Reed, Richard A., BSW’95, MSW’96
  • Reed, Vergil D., BS’22 **
  • Renuart, Victor E., Jr., BS’71
  • Rice, Joe C., BA’27, MS’36 **
  • Rich, Claude T., BA’29 **
  • Richardson, David B., BA’40 **
  • Richardson, Dow L., BA’28, LLD’82 **
  • Richardson, Jeff, BA’73, JD’77, MPA’81
    Richardson, John F., BA’73, JD’77, MPA’81
  • Ritchey, James O., BS 1916, MD 1918, MS’21, DSc’70 **
  • Robbins, D. Walter, Jr., BS’42, MS’43 **
  • Robinson, Adam M., Jr., BA’72, MD’76, LHD’10
  • Robinson, James J., BA 1914 **
  • Robinson, Ray E., MM’58, DME’69 **
  • Rothrock, David A., Jr., BA/MA’32 **
  • Rowland, Sallie W., BS’54
  • Ruckelshaus, Jill S., BA’58
  • Russell, Joseph J., MS’68, EdD’71
  • Ryan, D. Patricia, BA’79
  • Ryan, John Michael, Sr., JD’48 **
  • Ryan, John William, MA/PhD’59, LLD’88 **

** denotes deceased recipient

  • Sanders, James Leroy, 1905 **
  • Schilling, George A., BA 1915, LLB 1916 **
    Schofield, Lorna G., BA’77
  • Scott, Gloria Dean Randle, BA’59, MA’60, PhD’65, LLD’77
  • Searles, Richard C., BA’70
  • Seward, Doris M., BA’38 **
  • Shackelford, Harry M., BA 1917 **
  • Shanks, Robert Horton, BS’54
  • Shields, V. Sue, LLB’61
  • Shine, J. Robert, BS’45, LLD’95
  • Shortz, William, BA’74
  • Showalter, Grace Montgomery, BA 1915, LLD’67 **
  • Shumate, Michael D., BS’67
  • Simic, Curt, BS’64
  • Smith, Darwin Eatna, BS’50 **
  • Smith, George P., II, BS’61, JD’64, LLD’98
  • Smith, Johnnie Rutland, MS’31, PhD’34 **
  • Souder, Wilmer, BA 1910, MA 1911 **
  • Spaletto, Todd, BS’93
  • Sparks, William J., BA’26, MA’29, DSc’66 **
  • Steckler, William E., LLB’36, JD’37 **
  • Steele, Ruel W., LLB’48 **
  • Steele, Sage, BS'95
  • Steen, Lowell H., M.D., BS’45, MD’48
  • Steingraber, Fred G., BS’60
  • Stempel, John E., BA’23 **
  • Stoner, Richard B., BS’41, LLD’94 **
  • Stout, Juanita Kidd, JD’48, LLM’54, LLD’66 **
  • Strack, William N., BA 1915, LLB 1917 **
  • Summers, Paul R., BA/LLB’23 **
  • Summers, Phillip M., BS’60, MS’63 **
  • Talbot, Sue H., BS’66, MS’71, EdD’92
  • Taliaferro, George, BS’51
  • Taliaferro, Viola, JD’77
  • Tamthai, Pusadee P., MS’75, PhD’82
  • Tangerman, Margaretta S., BA’46 **
  • Tash, Paul, BA’76
  • Taylor, Jeri, BA’59, LHD’07
  • Teter, Nellie Showers, BA 1893 **
  • Thomas, Isiah L., BA’87
  • Thornburg, James F., JD’36 **
  • Thorne, Muriel M., BA’46, MA’50 **
  • Timmons, Gerald D., DDS’25 **
  • Tobias, Randall Lee, BS’64, LLD’97
  • Troutt, Martha Lute, BA 1918, MA’28 **
  • Utley, Robert M., MA’52, LHD’83

** denotes deceased recipient

  • Van Tassel, Charles J., Jr., MD’46 **
  • Veller, Don A., BS’35, MS’38, PEDir’47, PED’50 **
  • Veneracion, Andrea O., MM’62 **
  • Volker, Joseph F., DDS’36, DSc’70 **
  • Von Tress, Edward C., BA’21 **
  • Votaw, Verling M., BA’25, MA’26 **
  • Wahl, Cecilia H., BA’38 **
  • Walker, Austin E., MS’48 **
  • Walther, Joseph E., BS/MD’36, DSc’97 **
  • Watson, Bernard C., BS’51
  • Waymire, Joseph O., BS’29 **
  • Weathers, Gertrude Force, BA 1918, MA’30 **
  • Webb, Charles H., DM’64
  • Webb, Ronald J., BS’60
  • Wedeking, Albert J., BA 1913, MA 1915 **
  • Weigand, James E., EdD’64 **
  • Welch, R. Dewey, BS’52 **
  • Wells, Herman B, BS’24, MA’27, LLD’62 **
  • Wentworth, Jack R., BS’50, MBA’54, DBA’59 **
  • Whitlock, Douglas, BS’26, LLB’28 **
  • Wilcox, Howard S., Sr., BA’42 **
  • Williams, Edgar G., MBA’48, DBA’52 **
  • Wilson, Harrison B., Jr., MS’51, HSDir’55, HSD’60
  • Wilson, Lucia Showalter, BA’22 **
  • Wilson, Milton, MCS’45, DCS’51 **
  • Windes, Charles Dudley, LLB 1914 **
  • Wong, Desmond C., BS’73
  • Wylie, David G., BS’23 **
  • Young, Grace Philputt, BA 1908, MA 1914 **
  • Young, John L., BS’21 **