Distinguished Alumni Service Award

The highest honor given to alumni

Each year, Indiana University recognizes outstanding alumni with the Distinguished Alumni Service Award, the highest accolade reserved solely for alumni. The awardees are leaders in their chosen fields who make significant contributions benefiting their community, state, nation, or university.

Since 1953, DASA recipients—collectively known as the DASA Club—have donated more than $2 million in support of scholarships and grants to hundreds of exceptional IU students. To learn more about the DASA club, please contact Jacquelyn Beane at jibeane@iu.edu or 812-855-7352.

Nominate an alum for the DASA

Do you know an alum whose service, accomplishments, philanthropy, or contributions to the university and the Alumni Association deserve special recognition? Here are several ways you can nominate outstanding alumni.

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    The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Service Award is to provide recognition for outstanding achievements by alumni of Indiana University.

    Eligibility for Award

    • Only living alumni of Indiana University are eligible. For purposes of definition, an alumnus is any person who shall have regularly enrolled in any school of Indiana University, or any of its predecessors, and who has remained in attendance at least one semester, and who has earned at least 12 credit hours toward a degree.
    • The nominee shall have been outstanding in his/her chosen field of endeavor and/or the nominee shall have made significant contributions benefiting his/her community, state, nation, or university.

    Note: Since the present rules were approved in 1974 the Selection Committee, because of the original intent of the award, has not seen fit to select a nominee from the faculty and staff of Indiana University who is still on the active payroll, current IU trustee, or a person currently holding a high political office.

    Nature of the Award

    The award shall consist of a medallion and an illuminated parchment.


    • Nominations may be submitted by 1.) Any school of Indiana University 2.) Any alumnus of Indiana University 3.) Any faculty or staff member of Indiana University.
    • All nominations may be electronically submitted on the DASA website. To request a paper or PDF nomination form, please contact Jacquelyn Beane at jibeane@iu.edu or 812-855-7352. Nominations must be accompanied by complete biographical and other pertinent information. At least two letters outlining candidate achievements are required by the nominator and/or other interested individuals.
    • Regular nomination forms shall be used and may be secured from the IU Alumni Office or DASA website.
    • Nomination forms and supporting materials must be submitted on the DASA website page or in a sealed envelope and postmarked no later than midnight, March 31.
    • All nominations submitted in writing shall be addressed to: Coordinator, DASA Alumni Awards, c/o CEO, Indiana University Alumni Association, Virgil T. DeVault Alumni Center, 1000 East 17th Street, Bloomington, IN 47408-1521.
    • All nominations for the award will automatically be valid for the next two successive years. After that they must be resubmitted.

    Selection of the Recipients

    • The Alumni Awards Committee shall be composed of seven members, five of whom shall be alumni of Indiana University and two who shall be faculty and/or staff members of Indiana University. Members of the Executive Council of the Indiana University Alumni Association shall not be eligible for membership.
    • It shall be the duty of the Alumni Awards Committee to make the final selection of those to receive the award and to forward to the President of Indiana University for him/her to notify recipients.
    • The alumni members of the Alumni Awards Committee shall be appointed by the chairperson of the Indiana University Alumni Association, and the members representing the university shall be appointed by the president of Indiana University. Members of the committee shall select the chairperson.
    • Each member of the committee shall serve a term of three (3) years. The terms of the alumni members of the original committee shall be as follows: two members for three years, two members for two years, and one member for one year. The terms of the university members shall be one member for three years, one member for two years, and none for one year. Thereafter, all terms shall expire in that order.
    • The CEO of the Indiana University Alumni Association shall be the secretary and a nonvoting member of the committee.


    • The Executive Council of the Alumni Association strongly suggests the awards be made to individuals in as many fields of endeavor as possible. (Law, medicine, business, science, music, etc.)
    • The awards shall be given at the annual meeting/dinner in conjunction with the Student Grant & Scholarship Luncheon. The recipients shall be announced shortly before that date.
    • Award recipients must be present at the annual meeting/dinner for the DASA presentation unless death or illness following their selection and acceptance occurs.
    • A limit of one award per year may be given at a commencement ceremony as an exception to the annual awards at the university ceremony.

Nomination forms and supporting materials must be submitted online or by mail, postmarked by midnight, March 31. Nominations received after that date will be considered for the following year.

Description of the following video:

[Opening Title Screen Kent Brantly, smiling]

[Scene change to two photos of Kent, #1 kent with Lab Coat, #2 Kent with Patient]

[Scene change to Kent Brantly sitting facing camera in library]

[Kent] My motivation becoming a doctor was inextricably linked to my faith. I felt the call of God on my life to serve God by serving people in need and I needed a tangible skill to do that.

[Scene change to three photos, #1 Kent with his family, #2 Kent with his father, #3 Kent and his family on vacation]

[Scene change to two photos, Photo #1 Kent with friends, #2 Kent in front of staircase]

[Narrator] So after graduating from a small Christian school in Texas, Kent Brantly came home to Indianapolis and followed that call to serve at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

[Scene change to Jay Hess (Dean of IU School of Medicine)]

[Jay] Dr. Brantly is really a unique individual, he has a great clarity of purpose. He has a very strong faith and a love for humanity.

[Scene change to two photos, Kent receiving his degree at graduation from IU school of Medicine, #2 Kent walking with degree in hand]

[Narrator] He earned his degree in 2009 and began his residency in Texas, all the while looking for a way to fulfill his calling. He found it in a post-residency program run by the humanitarian aid organization Samaritan's Purse.

[Scene change to Kent sitting in chair facing camera in library]

[Kent]They had this two year program for doctors immediately out of training, right after residency or fellowship who felt called to a career in medical missions.

[Scene change to photo of Kent, his wife, and child]

[Narrator] He applied, was accepted and in October of 2013 the Brantly family moved to Monrovia, Liberia.

[Scene change to Kent sitting in chair facing camera in library]

[Kent] When we moved to Liberia, the top problems that we thought we would be encountering were the things you think of in a place like Liberia. Malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid.

[Narrator] Ebola wasn't even on their radar.

[Scene change to photo of Liberian hospital]

[Scene change to Kent sitting in chair facing camera in library]

[Kent] Not only was it not on our radar, it was on no ones radar.

[Scene change to photo of Workers in Hazmat suits carrying deceased into a tent]

[Scene change to photos of Kent working with patients]

[Narrator] But that was all about to change, first in neighboring countries, then Liberia, and finally Monrovia. As the threat grew closer, Dr. Brantly and his colleagues prepared their facilities. A chapel became an isolation unit, protocols were refined, and in June of 2014 the first patients arrived.

[Scene change to Kent sitting in chair facing camera in library]

[Kent] From that day on, my life was consumed with treating patients with Ebola. It became very long days of suiting up in the P.B.E, of going in to the unit multiple times per shift to care for the patients as we got more and more.

[Scene change to Dr. Matthew Locker (diagnostic Radiology)]

[Matthew] He experienced all the things that his patients went through, and that speaks volumes for our patients. When they see that we're willing to enter into their disease, into their fear in order to help them.

[Scene change to Kent sitting in chair facing camera in library]

[Kent] I was involved in treating patients with Ebola for about seven weeks before I woke up sick. And then on Saturday, July 26th, which is Liberian Independence Day they sent off my tests which came back positive that night.

[Scene change to isolation ward outside view]

[Narrator] Positive for Ebola, he remained isolated in Liberia for 10 days before being evacuated to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. There he made a full recovery. Following his time in Liberia, Dr. Brantly became an advocate for Ebola patients throughout the world. He met with President Obama, testified before Congress, and was named a Time Magazine Person of the Year.

[Scene change to Kent sitting in chair facing camera in library]

[Kent] The deepest desire of our heart is to go back to the kind of work we were doing before Ebola. We still feel the tug of that call to serve people in places of great need. Right now, that means Fort Worth, Texas. And I work in the county hospital system here serving a largely indigent population. And some days I have to remind myself that I'm living out that calling here where I am.

[Scene change to photo slide show of Kent meeting officials]

[Scene change to Jay Hess (Dean of IU School of Medicine)]

[Jay] Kent Brantly really embodies our values in the School of Medicine, and what it is our graduates are here to do. Which is to go out, serve others, improve health and well-being of everyone that they can. And I think he's a source of inspiration for us, he's put his own life at risk carrying that out. He's inspired all of us to look carefully at how we can have more impact on those around us.

[Scene change to Kent sitting in chair facing camera in library]

[Kent] Going to IU is a huge blessing, I am who I am in part because of the influence of those who trained me and taught me.

[Scene Fades to Indiana University Alumni Association Logo]

[End of transcript]

Dr. Kent Brantly, MD’09

Description of the following video:

[Opening Title Screen Roselyn Cole, smiling]

[Scene change to four pictures of Roselyn Cole and her family at gatherings]

[Scene change to Dianna Wallace (Executive Director Indiana AEYC)]

[Dianna] You will never hear Roselyn ever complain about anything. You'll never hear her complain about what's not. The world is always at our feet and let's get on with it, and let's take advantage of it.

[Scene change to Roselyn and her parents when she was a child]

[Narrator] But that wasn't always the case for Roselyn Cole, and she'd be the first to tell you...

[Scene change to Roselyn Cole sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Roselyn] I was not nice, as a little kid. I was a little hellion. Was always in trouble, suspended from school at all times, I mean just so many times.

[Scene change to young school picture of Roselyn]

[Scene change to Roselyn Cole sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Narrator] At 13, she was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and would spend the next two years in the hospital.

[Roselyn] By the time I came out at 15, I was a very shy, quiet person. I looked upon life totally differently.

[Scene change to older school picture of Roselyn]

[Scene change to picture of Roselyn’s high school diploma]

[Narrator] Seeing those around her suffer. Seeing some of them die, had given her own life new perspective. She finished high school and began her college career in Indianapolis, back when IUPUI was known as the extension. At that time, you couldn't complete a full degree there, so after a year Roselyn headed south to Bloomington.

[Scene change to three photos of Indiana University Bloomington Campus] 

[Scene change to Roselyn Cole sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Roselyn] It's gorgeous, serene, I loved it. I loved the feel of the campus. Speech and hearing therapy was something that I went to IU wanting to do. Once I got there, I kept being warned, African Americans don't go into that field, because most African Americans don't speak well. And I said, well, if that's the case maybe I'm going into it to help my people.

[Scene change to photo of Roselyn’s degree]

[Narrator] After graduating from IU, she moved to South Bend to put her degree to work, first as a speech and hearing therapist, and later, as an administrator.

[Scene change to young adult Roselyn in a school]

[Scene change to Beverly Wills (Prof. Notre Dame)]

[Beverly] She always wants to correct a wrong, make it right. She knew that she was capable of changing things, and that's what she wanted to do.

[Scene change to photo of awards for service]

[Narrator] Years later she would return to Indianapolis to take over the day-to-day operations at Auntie Mame's, the child development center that her mother founded. Throughout all of this, she remained connected to IU and to other African American alumni.

[Scene change to video panning over IU Bloomington Campus]

[Scene change to Roselyn Cole sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Roselyn] We began to share stories of IU, and some of the experiences that we'd had. And we began to share concern for up and coming students who we wanted to be sure that they didn't have to go through some of the things that we had gone through.

[Scene change to Charter member certificate for Roselyn]

[Narrator] One meeting in the late 1970's, resulted in the creation of the Neal-Marshall Alumni Club. A group that provided Roselyn, a founding member, something special.

[Scene change to panning video of Bloomington Campus]

[Scene change to Roselyn Cole sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Roselyn] A reminder of what IU has done for me, even though there were some unpleasant experiences, I know that I grew to be who I am through my experiences at IU.

[Scene change to video panning over awards for service]

[Narrator] Roselyn has worked with the School of Education's alumni association, the IU alumni association's executive council, and received the Gertrude Rich Award in 2002 for outstanding contributions to the IUAA. Today, Roselyn's officially retired, but you wouldn't know it if you saw her calendar. In addition to her work with IU, she volunteers as an interpreter with the Indiana Historical Society, develops corporate training programs, and does consulting on early childhood development.

[Scene change to Beverly Wills (Prof. Notre Dame)]

[Beverly] Sometimes I worry because, where does she get all that energy? Is there a secret fountain that she never told me about? I don't know, but she seems to get involved with everything, and I think that that is what makes her stand out.

[Scene change to Roselyn Cole sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Roselyn] My children keep asking me, well when are you really going to retire? And I just feel God isn't through with me yet, so I will continue.

[Scene change to Dianna Wallace (Executive Director Indiana AEYC)]

[Dianna] Roselyn is one of those individuals that she would never accept it can't be done. She's a can-do kind of person, and Roselyn's the kind of person that when you're around her, it's an automatic assumption that whatever she sees in you, you're going to realize in yourself. Just an amazing, beautiful, individual.

[Scene Fades to Indiana University Alumni Association Logo]

[End of transcript]

Roselyn Cole, BS’60

Description of the following video:

[Opening Title Screen Alice Jordan-Miles, smiling]

[Scene change to two photos of Alice, #1 Alice with two older brothers, #2 Alive with her entire family]

[Alice] I come from a family of 14 children. 12 boys and two girls. Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana

[Scene change to photo of Alice’s parents].

[Alice] My parents came here from Puerto Rico because they want us to have the American dream.

[Scene change to video of IU Bloomington’s Campus]

[Narrator] Education was always a part of that dream but for Alice, college seemed out of reach. It took the encouragement of a family friend, to help make that a reality.

[Scene change to Alice sitting in a chair facing the camera]

He said that, you know Alice, you're a leader. And there's a great program about to happen at IU and you should go to it. I'm like, Mr Stoke my Mom and Dad are not gonna let me go to Bloomington, are you kidding me? They won't even let me go to New Haven.

[Scene change to three photos of IU Bloomington’s Campus]

[Narrator] That fledgling program at Indiana University was called Groups. Still active today, Groups has an alumni roster of nearly 12 thousand, including Alice Jordan-Miles.

[Scene change to Cynthia Carrasco (General counselor])]

[Cynthia] IU is her home. IU is her alma mater. She loves IU and no matter where she goes her message about how great IU, goes along with her.

[Scene change to three photos of Alice at Sample Gates in Bloomington, IN]

[Scene change to Alice sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Alice] You know, I am who I am because of IU. Because of the Groups program. I'm the first in my family to go to college. I'm number eight. All siblings after me have gone to college. And I'm really proud of that.

[Scene change to video showing Alice’s Awards for leadership]

[Narrator] Through her early efforts in the education arena, continued work in suicide prevention, as a selector for the Groups program and as an active member of the IU Latino Alumni Association for more than a decade, Alice has committed her life to giving back.

[Scene change to Martin Vargas (past president of IU Latino Alumni Chapter)]

[Martin] At a time of crisis, when the Indiana University Latino Alumni Association was faltering, she came back in as President and led us through that critical moment. Healed the divisions within the organization, gave us a path forward, put together a way that we could generate scholarship dollars so we could get more first-time college students through.

[Scene change to Cynthia Carrasco (General counselor])]

[Cynthia] It needed energy and she certainly has a lot of energy. Alice is a cheerleader for the organization. She's the heart and soul of the IU Latino Alumni Association

[Narrator] Alice also created a mentoring program called Hoosiers of Tomorrow.

[Scene change to Alice sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Alice] I work with many students who, high school is the ultimate dream. They all are smart. They just need people to believe in them and I give em' that belief. And I've placed over 300 students, to date, in college.

[Scene change to Cynthia Carrasco (General counselor])]

[Cynthia] Alice will always have your back. She is your confidant, she is the person that is going to get you through.

[Scene change to Martin Vargas (past president of IU Latino Alumni Chapter)]

[Martin] And so helping students break that cycle of poverty and move forward in their life to excellence, that's really what Alice is all about.

[Scene change to two photos of students in groups program]

[Narrator] And what does she ask in return? For them to be someone else's Alice Jordan-Miles.

[Scene change to Alice sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Alice] And they look at me like, really that's all? I'm like yeah really, that's all.

[Scene change to Martin Vargas (past president of IU Latino Alumni Chapter)]

[Martin] Alice just seems to get to know you. Like you've been a lifelong friend, even if you just meet her for a minute. It reflects almost everything she does. How she takes a personal approach to you and then you know that pride that comes through. The sense of accomplishment she feels from your accomplishments.

[Scene change to panning videos over flowers]

[Narrator] And it's clear that Alice isn't done giving back.

[Scene change to Alice sitting in a chair facing the camera]

[Alice] I often find myself thinking, where would I be if somebody didn't reach out to me? The impact that you have on individuals is forever. That's powerful. That's powerful. And I don't take that lightly and I don't take that for granted.

[Scene Fades to Indiana University Alumni Association Logo]

[End of transcript]

Alice Jordan-Miles, BA’90, MS’97

Description of the following video:

[Opening Title Screen Ray Pavy, smiling]

[Scene change to Bob Hammel (Sports Editor-Herald Times)]

[Bob] Everybody in Indiana new of Ray Pavy the basketball player after the 51-49 shoot-out he had with Jimmy Rayl that made an instant name of Ray Pavy of New Castle.

[Scene change to signed basketball from Church Street Shoot Out]

[Narrator] The became known as the Church Street Shoot Out and it helped to make Ray, who was pretty much born with a ball in his hand, one of the most sought-after recruits in Indiana. His dream, since he was three, was to be a coach. And after watching the IU men's basketball team win the national championship in 1953, with hometown players he knew growing up, there was no question where Ray Pavy was headed to make that dream a reality.

[Scene change to slide show of Ray as a child]

[Bob] Unfortunately Ray never had a chance to blossom and show what kind of college player he could have been.

[Scene change to team picture of Indiana University Basketball Team]

[Narrator] All because of an automobile accident following Ray's sophomore year.

[Scene change to Ray Pavy sitting in chair facing camera]

[Ray] Was going to a fraternity brother's wedding in Highland, Indiana, I was hit by a truck carrying racehorses. I had a broken back, fiance was killed.

[Scene change to Ray in wheelchair at IU basketball game after accident]

[Narrator] The doctors told Ray he'd never walk again.

[Scene change to Ray Pavy sitting in chair facing camera]

[Ray] Well after I argued with the doctor a little bit that, hey this is Labor Day weekend, I've only got five weeks to get in shape. We were looking forward to a great year. But after you were in the hospital for three months, you understood it wasn't gonna happen. Life has changed, everything is different at this particular point.

[Narrator] Well, not quite everything. Ray still had his dream of coaching.

[Scene change to Ray in wheelchair sitting on sidelines of IU basketball game]

[Scene change to Ray Pavy sitting in chair facing camera]

[Ray] That didn't escape my mind at all. You know, you don't have to run up and down the floor to coach basketball. You can still teach.

[Scene change to Dr. Phillip Eskew Jr. (Trustee)]

[Phillip] He came back to Indiana University. He attended classes, it was never again about him it was always about I want to get my education. And he graduated and became a basketball coach, a very successful basketball coach, for seven years.

[Scene change to Bob Hammel (Sports Editor-Herald Times)]

[Bob] He obviously did a lot with his eyes and his tongue, could help kids where he couldn't actually get on the floor with them and show them exactly what he wanted, he was able to get it done.

[Scene change to Ray Pavy sitting in chair facing camera]

[Ray] It was fun because you have players that think they only can be this good. And then you think, we really could make them better than that. And so they go beyond what they think even their potential happens to be.

[Scene change to Dr. Phillip Eskew Jr. (Trustee)]

[Phillip] And after his coaching career became a school administrator, giving back to the community, giving back to thousands and thousands of kids. That's what Ray did after an accident. After being paralyzed, I think that's remarkable.

[Scene change to video scanning Ray’s awards for service]

[Narrator] He served on the Henry County Community Foundation and has been the treasurer of the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame for more than 20 years. A commitment to his local community that, for Ray, seems perfectly average.

[Scene change to Ray Pavy sitting in chair facing camera]

[Ray] You've taken space on this Earth, you better give something back.

[Scene change to Bob Hammel (Sports Editor-Herald Times)]

[Bob] He's a monumental tribute to growing up with faith and being raised in the right way, being raised to think outside yourself.

[Scene change to Ray Pavy sitting in chair facing camera]

[Ray} I think about all the great people that I met. You think about the number of people that have helped you. Whether that's carrying up three flights of stairs or just saying we're really glad to have you around. I find that Indiana University is truly a family. It's been overwhelming for all the things that the university has done for me.

[Scene change to Bob Hammel (Sports Editor-Herald Times)]

[Bob] Ray distinguishes the Distinguished Alumni Service Award. People like that are exactly what Indiana University should boast about. They turned out Ray Pavy, he gets the award but he also represents the award. He magnifies the award, because it's gonna be a little better because it went to a Ray Pavy.

[Scene Fades to Indiana University Alumni Association Logo]

[End of transcript]

Raymond E. Pavy, BS’65

Description of the following video:

[Opening Title Screen Jeff Richardson facing camera, smiling]

[Scene change to Video of IU Bloomington Campus]

[Narrator] For Jeff Richardson, it was love at first sight.

[Scene Change to Jeff Richardson sitting in chair facing camera in living room]

[Jeff] Just in every aspect of the town, the campus, the city, looked like a movie set. Before I knew it, I was just pulled in.

[Scene change to slide show of Jeff Richardson’s years as a student at IU]

[Photo #1 Jeff sitting on Rock at a Quarry]

[Photo #2 Jeff and two friends laying down on railroad tracks facing camera]

[Narrator] Pulled in might be an understatement. His father would later joke that he zipped through IU in twelve years, but Jeff sure made the most of his time.

[Photo #3/4/5 Jeff and friends playing soccer, Jeff doing school work at a desk, Jeff and friends in front of fraternity house]

[Photo #6 Jeff Receiving Degree in graduation robe from Professor]

[Photo#7 Jeff Washing Dishes]

[Photo #8/9 Jeff Playing Soccer on Soccer field, Jeff looking at Soccer field]

[Photo #10 Jeff on City council]

[Narrator] He earned three degrees, served as student body vice president and president, worked various jobs to make ends meet, worked to get soccer recognized as a varsity sport and was the first full time student elected to the Bloomington City Council.

[Scene Change to John Tinder (Judge Retired) sitting down facing camera]

[John Tinder] He was a dynamo along with doing all these student activities, political activities, you name it. It was 24/7 for Jeff. I guess he slept. I was his roommate even one semester. I know he slept, but he really squeezed as much in as he could every day.

[Scene change to photo slide show of protests on college campus across United States]

[Scene change to photo of Jeff sitting at table doing work with long hair and mustache]

[Narrator] This was a very volatile time for a large public university.

[Scene change to Tami Allison (former Mayor of Bloomington, IN)

[Tami] He was not only a bridge between the city and the campus, but he was a bridge between the students and the administration and the fact that he kept a dialogue going between all the parties, I think kept our campus much more calm.

[Scene change to Photo of Jeff behind a desk working]

[Scene change to Jeff Richardson sitting facing camera in living room]

[Jeff] That theme of engagement, I think, it was critical. And a lot of the political work I did after I left college was the same kind of thing. People wanting a voice, wanting to be heard, wanting to have at least some kind of role to influence in part, as much as they could what decisions were being made that were gonna impact them.

[Scene change to photo of Jeff in front of Eli Lilly Headquarters]

[Scene change to GMHC logo]

[Narrator] After college, Jeff worked for Eli Lilly, ran the 13,000 person family and social services administration under Governor Evan Bayh, was executive director of the Gay Men's Health Crisis and was a managing director of Burson-Marsteller's global healthcare practice. At each stop along the way, a common thread.

[Scene change to Jeff Richardson sitting facing camera in living room]

[Jeff] I really wanted to feel, in anything I do, that I'm making a difference. I'm one of the official members of the Save the World crowd. I really feel that there's so much need out there and so much that can be done.

[Scene change to two photos, #1 Jeff and coworkers working with villagers, #2 Jeff in interview with broadcasters]

[Narrator] His final stop at the Abbott fund was focused on helping children and families in countries devastated by HIV/AIDS. The program he helped to create has assisted millions throughout the world and has invested more than 350 million dollars in products, staffing, technology, and funding.

[Scene change to Rick Moser (V.P Abbott Laboratories)]

[Rick] It was a uniquely Jeff ready situation in multiple ways. His ability to bring people together and deep caring about the issue and desire to make an impact and then also his pragmatism. Jeff has the heart of the activist and the world saver and that's his motivation, but he's also worked in large organizations and knows how they work and knows how to get things done.

[Scene change to logo of Jeff’s organization]

[John Tinder] He's not just writing a check. He's just not supporting an organization. He, on the ground, day to day, in everything he does is looking to find ways to help other people. Very subtlety, he is often influencing those around him to inspire them to try harder, to do more and to care more.

[Scene change to Tami Allison (former Mayor of Bloomington, IN)]

[Tami Allison] He was always aware and looking after the vulnerable. I think it's his moral compass really that made it different than him just being a charismatic leader.

[Scene change to photo of Jeff’s three degrees]

Narrator] And over the years, through work at the IU school of public and environmental affairs, the alumni association and elsewhere, Jeff's remained actively involved with his alma mater.

[Jeff] Whatever I do for IU, they will have given me a thousand times more. So I can never make up what they have given me.

[Scene change to Rick Moser (V.P Abbott Laboratories)]

[Rick] I think the purpose of college is to produce people like Jeff. So you can be immensely proud to have been such a big part of his life and to have inspired in somebody like him the dedication that he has to the university.

[Scene change to Jeff sitting facing camera in living room]

[Jeff] Maybe it's true with other universities and other folks, but when I'm hanging out with friends of mine who didn't go to IU, I don't hear that as often. This deep affection for the university as I do for mine. You know, I'm looking through rose-colored glasses or cream and crimson glasses, but there's something about that, for me anyway, that is ongoing and sustains me in a way that keeps this deep affection for IU alive and thriving.

[Scene Fades to Indiana University Alumni Association Logo]

[End of transcript]

Jeff Richardson, BA’73, JD’77, MPA’81

Past DASA recipients

  • Past DASA Recipients A–C

    ** denotes deceased recipient

    • Abrahamson, Shirley Schlanger, JD’56, LLD Hon’86
    • Adams, Mildred P., BS’48, MS’52, EdD’64 **
    • Alltop, J. Howard, Sr., BA’29 **
    • Anderson, Hanson H., BA 1911, MA’29 **
    • Anderson, Kathy, BS’71   
    • Ando, Kaoru, BS’36, LLD’80 **
    • Armstrong, Lewis S., BS’26 **
    • Armstrong, William S., BA’51 **
    • Atkins, Thomas I., BA’61 **
    • Atkinson, George H., PhD’71
    • Baker, Laurence D., BA’18 **
    • Baldwin, William R., MS’56, PhD’65
    • Balfour, Lloyd G., LLB 1907, LLD’66 **
    • Ball, Mildred Morgan, BS’60  
    • Banks, Glenn L., BS’50 **
    • Barker, Sarah Evans, BS’65, LLD’99 
    • Barnes, David K., MA’44, PhD’47 **
    • Barnett, John V., Sr., ’34 **
    • Barnhart, Dean L., BA 1911 **
    • Barnhart, Hugh A., BA’15 **
    • Barr, John A., LLB’30, LLD’73 **
    • Barton, Miles S., DDS’33 **
    • Bayh, Birch Evans, Jr., JD’60, LLD’95  
    • Bays, Karl D., MBA’58 **
    • Beckley, Kenneth A., BS’62  
    • Begdes, Mehmet Kutsi, MA’40, PhD’44 **
    • Bell, Joshua D. ArtD’89
    • Berry, Lillian Gay, BA 1899, MA 1905 **
    • Bingham, Rebecca Taylor, BS’50, MLS’69
    • Black, Joseph M., BA’41, MD’44 **
    • Bluhm, Maurice L., BA’13 **
    • Boone, Clarence W., Sr., BA’53, MD’56 
    • Booth, Kathryn R., BS’72  
    • Bowen, Otis R., BA’39, MD’42, LLD’76 **
    • Bray, Esther D., BS’25, MA’27 **
    • Breckenridge, Cora, BS’59, MS’63 
    • Brinkman, P. Delbert, MA’63, PhD’71
    • Brown. Angela M., 86
    • Bundles, S. Henry, Jr.  BA’48 
    • Butcher, Jane Bayer, BA’37 **
    • Butcher, Joseph O., BA’36 **
    • Cadou, Eugene J., Sr., BA’17 **
    • Carmichael, Hoagy H. LLB’26, DM Hon’72 **
    • Carmichael, William P., BS’65  
    • Carmony, Donald F., MA’31, PhD’40 **
    • Carr, Willard Z., Jr., LLB’50
    • Carroll, William F., Jr., PhD’78
    • Chamness, Ivy L., BA 1916, MA’28 **
    • Clapacs, J. Terry, BS’65, MBA’69
    • Clevenger, Zora G., 1904 **
    • Comer, James P., BA’56, ScD’91
    • Conrad, Martin L., BA’21 **
    • Cook, Gayle Karch, BA’56, LHD’93
    • Cosner, Robert R., BS’41 ** 
    • Cox, Jesse H., BS’44 **
    • Cozad, James W., BS’50, LLD’82 
    • Cressey, Donald R., PhD’50 **
  • Past DASA Recipients D–F

    ** denotes deceased recipient

    • Danielson, Donald C., BS’42, LLD’94 **
    • Danielson, Patricia Peterson, BA’45 **
    • Dant, Charles G., BS’32 **
    • Davis, Chester E., BS’44 **
    • Davis, Madelyn Pugh, BA’42 **
    • Davis, Merrill S., BA’12, MD’14 **
    • Dawson, Martha E., MS’54, EdD’56 
    • De Las Alas, Antonio, LLB 1908 **
    • Dean, Everett S., BA’21, MS’38 **
    • DeCoudreaux, Alecia A., JD’78 
    • Delachaux, Francois, MBA’63 
    • DeVault, Virgil T., BS’27, MD’29, DSc’77 **
    • Dillin, S. Hugh, BA’36, LLB’38, LLD’92 **
    • Doninger, Clarence H., BS’57, JD’60 
    • Doster, Gayl, BS’60 
    • Duggan, Andrew M., ’45 **
    • Dukes, Betty D., BA’41, MD’43 **
    • Dunn, Oscar L., BS’36, LLD’71 **
    • Dutton, C. Ben, BS’38, LLB’40, LLD’70 **
    • Dykhuizen, Fred, BS’26 **
    • Earnhart, Don B., BS’49, LLD’86 **
    • Edmondson, Frank K., BA’33, MA’34 **
    • Edwards, Edward E., BS’28, MS’34 **
    • Eichhorn, Frederick F., BS’52, JD’57 **
    • Elliott, Byron K., BA’20, LLD’55 **
    • Ellis, Frances H., BA’14, MA’28 **
    • Ellis, Larry R., MS’75 
    • Elmore, David G., BS’55, JD’58 
    • Enberg, Richard "Dick", MS’59, HD’62 
    • Eschbach, Jesse E., II, BS’43, JD’49, LLD’86 **
    • Eskew, Philip N., Sr., MS’33 **
    • Estes, Sidney H., EdD’67 **
    • Evans, H. Dean, EdD’66 **
    • Everitt, Robert H., BS’61, LLB’65 
    • Ferree, E. Mark, LLD’77 **
    • Ferrey, Edgar E., BA’42 **
    • Fidlar, Marion M., BA’34, MA’36, PhD’42 **
    • Fletchall, Eugene D., BS’32, LLB’34 **
    • Franklin, Joseph A., Sr., BS’27 **
    • Frick, David R., BA’66 
    • Friedlander, Ezra "Zeke", BA’62, LLB’65 
    • Frowick, Robert H., BA’53, MA’57 **
    • Fuller, Magdalene Z., BSN’59, MSN’60 **
    • Fullmer, Harold M., BS’42, DDS’44 **
  • Past DASA Recipients G–I

    ** denotes deceased recipient

    • Gassoway-Reichle, Lynn E., DDS’74
    • Gates, Robert E., BS’42, LLB’49 **
    • Geiger, Dillon D., BS’29, MD’31 **
    • Gill, George N., BA’57, LHD’94 **
    • Gill, Jack M., PhD’63, DSc’01
    • Gilliatt, Neal, BS’39 **
    • Gilman, Alan B., BA’52, MBA’54
    • Glaubinger, Lawrence D., BS’49, LLD’93 **
    • Gonso, Harry L., BS’70, JD’73
    • Gosman, James H., BS’36, MD’38 **
    • Gramley, Lyle E., MA’52, PhD’56, LLD’84
    • Gray, Carl M., LLB’61, LLD’81 **
    • Greenough, William C., BA’35, LLD’66 **
    • Grimes, John S., BA’29, JD’31 **
    • Guthrie, Wayne, LLB’20 **
    • Hackett, John Thomas, BS’54, MBA’58 **
    • Halleck, Charles A., BA’22, LLB’24, LLD’65 **
    • Hardy, Ruth Herdrich, BA’15 **
    • Harker, Russell P., BA’12, LLB’13, JD’67 **
    • Harlos, Cecil E., BS’23 **
    • Harrell, Charles E., BA’33, LLB’36 **
    • Harris, William H., MA’67, PhD’73
    • Hasbrook, Thomas C., BS’42 **
    • Hatcher, Richard G., BS’56
    • Haugh, Robert C., BA’48 **
    • Hawkins, Grant W., Sr., BA’33 **
    • Hawkins, Howard R., BS’38, JD’41 **
    • Hayes, Joseph A., ’42, LHD’70 **
    • Heckard, Mary E., GN’21 **
    • Heffernan, Joseph V., JD’30 **
    • Hendricks, Cecilia Hennel, BA 1907, MA 1908 **
    • Herold, Don, BA’13 **
    • Hertzer, Norman R., BA’64, MD’67
    • Hickam, Hubert, LLB’13 **
    • Hill, John W., LLD’71 **
    • Hill, Patton J., Sr., BA’20, MA’34 **
    • Hillis, Elwood H., BS’49, JD’52
    • Hillis, Margaret E., BM’47, DM’72 **
    • Holland, James P., MA’58, PhD’61 **
    • Hornbostel, Charles C., BS’34 **
    • Hsie, Abraham W., MA’65, PhD’69
    • Hurst, Mercedes, BA’24 **
    • Hutton, Edward L., BS’40, MS’41, LLD’92 **
    • Inman, Garnett, BS’40 **
    • Inskeep, Harriett Simmons, BA’48, MA’55, LHD’96
    • Inskeep, Richard G., BS’50, LHD’06
    • Irwin, Glenn W., Jr., BS’42, MD’44, LLD’86 **
  • Past DASA Recipients J–L

    ** denotes deceased recipient

    • Jacobs, David H., Jr., ’76
    • James, Daniel, BA’27, JD’29 **
    • Jasper, Paul G., LLB’32 **
    • Johnson, Fred Bates, BA 1902, LLB 1910 **
    • Johnson, George A., BA’15 **
    • Johnson, Lacy, JD’81
    • Johnson, Richard L., BS’55 **
    • Jones, Booker T., Jr., BME’67, DM Hon’12
    • Jones, Eli S., BA’14, MD’16 **
    • Jones, Frank B., BS’48, MS’51 **
    • Jordan, Harold W., BS’32 **
    • Keck, William H., BS’41 **
    • Keith, Leroy, Jr., MS’69, EdD’70
    • Kelley, Estel W., BS’39, LLD’71 **
    • Kettler, Edgar F., BS’48 **
    • Kidd, Robert Louis, BA’23, LLD’66 **
    • Kim, Young-Jin, MBA’84
    • Kimberling, John F., BA’47, JD’50 **
    • Kintner, Earl W., JD’38 **
    • Kipp, Albrecht R.C., BA 1906 **
    • Knapp, Sandy Altman, BS’70
    • Lansing, Dorothy I., BA’44, MD’47 **
    • Laskin, Daniel M., BS/DDS’47, DSc’01
    • Leff, Dale Stark, BS’69
    • Lennon, Polly Jontz, BA’49
    • Lesher, Richard L., DBA’63, LLD’79
    • LeSuer, William M., PhD’48 **
    • Ligocki, Kathleen, BA’78, LHD’02
    • Lindley, Ernest K., ’20 **
    • Lindsey, J. Frank, LLB’13 **
    • Lofton, Thomas M., BS’51, JD’54, LLD’00
    • Long, Clarence W., BS’39 **
    • Lucas, Robert A., BS’43, JD’49, LLD’94 **
  • Past DASA Recipients M–O

    ** denotes deceased recipient

    • Maroon, Joseph C., BA’62, MD’65
    • Martin, Wallace H., BA’17 **
    • Masters, Keith, BA’25 **
    • Mathers, Thomas N., BA’36, LLB’39 **
    • Maurer, Mary Rieman, BA’16, LLD’67 **
    • Maurer, Michael S., JD’67
    • Mays, William G., BA’70, MBA’73, DSc’00 **
    • McCarty, C. Walter, ’15 **
    • McCarty, Virginia Dill, BA’46, LLB’50, LLD’86 **
    • McGee, James, BA’77
    • McGreevey, John W., LHD’86, BA’87 **
    • McMurtrie, Uz, BA1908 **
    • Meister-Armington, Irene W., BA’48, MA’49
    • Metz, Arthur R., BA 1909 **
    • Miles, Richard M., MA’64
    • Miller, Arthur L., BA’22 **
    • Miller, Jeanne S., BA’46, LLB’48, LLD’89
    • Miller, Patricia R., BS’60
    • Miller, Peggy Gordon Elliott, EdD’75
    • Miller, Samuel Hudson, BS’38 **
    • Miller, Thomas M., BS’52 **
    • Mitchell-Kernan, Claudia I., BA’63, MA’65
    • Mobley, Tony A., MS’62, ReD’65
    • Mogge, Arthur R., BA’19 **
    • Morgan, Dolores A., MD’68 **
    • Morris, James T., BA’65
    • Muhler, Joseph C., BS’47, DDS’48, PhD’52 **
    • Murray, Dwight H., MD’17 **
    • Neal, Homer A., BS’61, DSc’84
    • Neff, Robert E., BA 1911 **
    • Nelms, Charlie, MS’71, EdD’77
    • Nelson, Alice McDonald, ’24 **
    • Nettl, Bruno, BA’50, MA’51, PhD’53
    • Newsom, Herschel D., BA’26 **
    • Nolan, Val, Jr., BA’41, JD’49 **
    • Nyland, Georgia Belle, GN’42 **
    • O’Bannon, Judith A., BS’57, LHD’04
  • Past DASA Recipients P–R

    ** denotes deceased recipient

    • Paige, Roderick, MS’62, PED’70
    • Patrick, James E., BS’41, LLD’66 **
    • Pauley, Jane, BA’72, LHD’96
    • Pell, Wilbur F., Jr., BA’37, LLD’81 **
    • Peterson, J. Dwight, BA’19, LLD’66 **
    • Pfau, Norman E., Jr., BS’65
    • Piercy, Josephine K., BA’18, MA’19 **
    • Pinnell, W. George, DBA’54 **
    • Poling, Harold A., MBA’51, LLD’90 **
    • Popoff, Frank P., BA/MBA’59, DSc’88
    • Powell, Alma C., BS’70, MS’72
    • Poynter, Nelson Paul, BA’24, LLD’76 **
    • Raper, Howard R., DDS 1906 **
    • Rapp, George F., MD’57
    • Redding, Gerald Raymond, BS’26, JD’28 **
    • Reed, Philip B., BS’28, MD’30, MD’32 **
    • Reed, Vergil D., BS’22 **
    • Renuart, Victor E., Jr., BS’71
    • Rice, Joe C., BA’27, MS’36 **
    • Rich, Claude T., BA’29 **
    • Richardson, David B., BA’40 **
    • Richardson, Dow L., BA’28, LLD’82 **
    • Ritchey, James O., BS’16, MD’18, MS’21, DSc’70 **
    • Robbins, D. Walter, Jr., BS’42, MS’43 **
    • Robinson, Adam M., Jr., BA’72, MD’76, LHD’10
    • Robinson, James J., BA’14 **
    • Robinson, Ray E., MM’58, DME’69
    • Rothrock, David A., Jr., BA/MA’32 **
    • Rowland, Sallie W., BS’54
    • Ruckelshaus, Jill S., BA’58
    • Russell, Joseph J., MS’68, EdD’71
    • Ryan, D. Patricia, BA’79
    • Ryan, John Michael, Sr., JD’48 **
    • Ryan, John William, MA/PhD’59, LLD’88 **
  • Past DASA Recipients S–U

    ** denotes deceased recipient

    • Sanders, James Leroy, 1905 **
    • Schilling, George A., BA’15, LLB’16 **
    • Scott, Gloria Dean Randle, BA’59, MA’60, PhD’65, LLD’77
    • Searles, Richard C., BA’70
    • Seward, Doris M., BA’38 **
    • Shackelford, Harry M., BA’17 **
    • Shanks, Robert Horton, BS’54
    • Shields, V. Sue, LLB’61
    • Shine, J. Robert, BS’45, LLD’95
    • Shortz, William, BA’74
    • Showalter, Grace Montgomery, BA’15, LLD’67 **
    • Shumate, Michael D., BS’67
    • Simic, Curt, BS’64
    • Smith, Darwin Eatna, BS’50 **
    • Smith, George P., II, BS’61, JD’64, LLD’98
    • Smith, Johnnie Rutland, MS’31, PhD’34 **
    • Souder, Wilmer, BA 1910, MA 1911 **
    • Sparks, William J., BA’26, MA’29, DSc’66 **
    • Steckler, William E., LLB’36, JD’37 **
    • Steele, Ruel W., LLB’48 **
    • Steele, Sage, BS'95
    • Steen, Lowell H., M.D., BS’45, MD’48
    • Steingraber, Fred G., BS’60
    • Stempel, John E., BA’23 **
    • Stoner, Richard B., BS’41, LLD’94 **
    • Stout, Juanita Kidd, JD’48, LLM’54, LLD’66 **
    • Strack, William N., BA’15, LLB’17 **
    • Summers, Paul R., BA/LLB’23 **
    • Summers, Phillip M., BS’60, MS’63
    • Talbot, Sue H., BS’66, MS’71, EdD’92
    • Taliaferro, George, BS’51
    • Taliaferro, Viola, JD’77
    • Tangerman, Margaretta S., BA’46 **
    • Tash, Paul, BA’76
    • Taylor, Jeri, BA’59, LHD’07
    • Teter, Nellie Showers, BA 1893 **
    • Thomas, Isiah L., BA’87
    • Thornburg, James F., JD’36 **
    • Thorne, Muriel M., BA’46, MA’50 **
    • Timmons, Gerald D., DDS’25 **
    • Tobias, Randall Lee, BS’64, LLD’97
    • Troutt, Martha Lute, BA’18, MA’28 **
    • Utley, Robert M., MA’52, LHD’83
  • Past DASA Recipients V–Z

    ** denotes deceased recipient

    • Van Tassel, Charles J., Jr., MD’46 **
    • Veller, Don A., BS’35, MS’38, PEDir’47, PED’50 **
    • Veneracion, Andrea O., MM’62
    • Volker, Joseph F., DDS’36, DSc’70 **
    • Von Tress, Edward C., BA’21 **
    • Votaw, Verling M., BA’25, MA’26 **
    • Wahl, Cecilia H., BA’38 **
    • Walker, Austin E., MS’48 **
    • Walther, Joseph E., BS/MD’36, DSc’97 **
    • Watson, Bernard C., BS’51
    • Waymire, Joseph O., BS’29 **
    • Weathers, Gertrude Force, BA’18, MA’30 **
    • Webb, Charles H., DM’64
    • Webb, Ronald J., BS’60
    • Wedeking, Albert J., BA’13, MA’15 **
    • Weigand, James E., EdD’64 **
    • Welch, R. Dewey, BS’52 **
    • Wells, Herman B, BS’24, MA’27, LLD’62 **
    • Wentworth, Jack R., BS’50, MBA’54, DBA’59 **
    • Whitlock, Douglas, BS’26, LLB’28 **
    • Wilcox, Howard S., Sr., BA’42 **
    • Williams, Edgar G., MBA’48, DBA’52
    • Wilson, Harrison B., Jr., MS’51, HSDir’55, HSD’60
    • Wilson, Lucia Showalter, BA’22 **
    • Wilson, Milton, MCS’45, DCS’51 **
    • Windes, Charles Dudley, LLB’14 **
    • Wong, Desmond C., BS’73
    • Wylie, David G., BS’23 **
    • Young, Grace Philputt, BA 1908, MA’14 **
    • Young, John L., BS’21 **