Launching a Trustee Candidacy

Interested in launching a trustee candidacy?

Any graduate of Indiana University may be nominated as an IU Board of Trustees candidate. All potential candidates should be aware that Indiana Code 21-20-3-3 establishes limitations on the number of trustees who may serve from any given county. Specifically, no more than one (1) of the trustees elected by the alumni; and two (2) of the trustees appointed by the governor may reside in the same county.

Getting Started

To begin the process, a nomination packet may be requested from Amy Cope, alumni trustee election coordinator, at or 812-855-6610. Packets may be requested no earlier than the first Monday in November of the year prior to the election.

Nomination is made by submitting the following items to the dean of University Libraries:

  1. A petition containing two hundred (200) signatures of certifiable Indiana University alumni (See IC 21-20-3-7). Beginning with the 2021 election, e-signatures may be used. Follow directions on the e-document completely if signing electronically. If signing physically, it is essential that all petition signers clearly print the name under which they graduated on the form and that degrees and dates of degrees be included. Potential candidates may make additional photocopies of blank petition forms as needed.
  2. A 4-by-5-inch color photograph;
  3. A candidate’s statement of 300 words or less for the printed ballot materials; and
  4. A candidate’s statement of 800 words or less for inclusion on the election website.

Submitting Trustee Materials

Potential candidates must submit petitions, photographs, and statements to the Indiana University Libraries by April 1 each year. Please submit packages in care of:

Amy Cope
Alumni Trustee Election Coordinator
Herman B Wells Library, Room 234
1320 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405

Candidates are urged to read the Trustee Election Guidelines before completing their nomination packets.